Died Blonde

  • Publisher: Open Road Media
  • Series: A Bad Hair Day Mystery, Book 6
  • Release Date: April 1, 2014
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Marla stumbles over her rival’s body in the meter room behind their competing salons. Her boyfriend, hunky Detective Vail, asks for her help in solving the murder.

There is no love lost between Marla and Carolyn Sutton. Carolyn has never forgiven Marla for leaving Hairstyle Heaven to open her own place, especially since Marla’s clientele grew as Carolyn’s faded away. Carolyn retaliated by relocating near Marla, but could not put the highlights back in the balance sheet. Still, it is a nasty shock when Marla enters the meter room behind the shopping center that houses both salons and tumbles over her rival’s body. Carolyn’s neck is broken and a hank of her hair is missing. Marla’s powerful curiosity would have been enough to send her snooping for clues, but when Detective Dalton Vail, her very significant other, actually asks her for help, nothing can hold her back.

Her quest becomes even more personal when Wilda Cleaver, Carolyn’s trusted psychic and new owner of her salon, insists that Carolyn’s spirit is begging Marla to solve her murder. Adding a dose of blackmail, Wilda warns that someone Marla loves is in great danger but will not give details until Marla cracks the case.

Marla’s got her work cut out for her—poor Carolyn was far from popular, and maybe even farther from honest. There is Carolyn’s snubbed sister, Linda, who only inherited an unspecified “valuable” collection that appears to be missing, the chiropractor whose shady dealings Carolyn had uncovered, and the immigration lawyer who apparently had been issuing suspicious visas for Hairstyle Heaven’s French-born staff. Add to all this some surprising news from Detective Vail and a blossoming romance for Marla’s mother, and Marla’s well-coiffed head is soon spinning. It will take all her skill to untangle the snarl of suspects, trim the list down to unmask the murderer—and learn what is behind Wilda’s eerie premonitions before someone Marla loves is next.

Awards & Accolades:

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

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“Florida hairstylist and beauty shop owner Marla Shore is a smart, capable woman with a skill for sleuthing.” — RT Book Reviews

“Another bright addition to a charming series.” — Library Journal

“Intrepid Marla Shore is up to her elbows in hot water when a rival salon owner turns up dead. Marla follows a path of clues that includes a wacky psychic, bingo mamas and mysterious keepsakes. Nancy Cohen has penned another follicle‑raising frolic with a wry twist of romance.” — P.J. Parrish, New York Times bestselling author of Dead of Winter and Island of Bones

“Fans will be delighted that Marla finally gets engaged.” — Publishers Weekly

“The sixth of Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series featuring hairdresser/shop owner Marla Shore is just as charming and as good a murder mystery as the others.” — Pohla Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Nancy Cohen does a great job of pulling all the threads together to create an exciting ending with some heart‑stopping moments for Marla and someone very close to her…Died Blonde is a fun read with the developing relationship between Marla and Dalton the center of the story.” — Vivian Outen, I Love A Mystery

“I’d recommend the series, and Died Blonde, to anyone looking for a cozy read with some humor, some scary bits, and characters one can get to care about.” — P.J. Coldren, Reviewing the Evidence

“The action is heart-stopping enough to set your hair on end.” — Nancy Sapir, Kingston Observer

“Died Blonde is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery, and one which you won’t want to miss!” — Stephanie Saxon Levine, Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

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