Died Blonde

  • Publisher: Orange Grove Press
  • Series: A Bad Hair Day Mystery, Book 6
  • Release Date: February 6, 2018
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook and Paperback
  • Paperback: Print ISBN 9780998531717

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Hairstylist Marla Shore stumbles over her rival’s body in the meter room behind their competing salons.

Hair shop rivalry comes to a head when South Florida hairstylist Marla Shore finds the body of her competitor behind their mutual shopping center. When Detective Dalton Vail asks for her help in solving the case, she eagerly accepts. Carolyn Sutton may not have been her friend, but Marla believes in justice. Plus, she’s curious as to why a hank of Carolyn’s hair is missing.

Her quest becomes personal when Wilda Cleaver, Carolyn’s trusted psychic and the new owner of her salon, insists that Carolyn’s spirit wants Marla to solve her murder. The psychic hints that she’d better succeed fast, or someone Marla loves might be next.

Carolyn’s resentful sister, her bingo partner, her chiropractor, a mysterious benefactor, and a local immigration lawyer fill the expanding list of suspects. With a hurricane approaching, Marla needs to untangle the snarl of clues before the storm hits and the murderer strikes again.

This title was originally published by Kensington. Newly revised trade paperback Author’s Edition is now available!

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“Another bright addition to a charming series.” Library Journal

“Intrepid Marla Shore is up to her elbows in hot water when a rival salon owner turns up dead. Marla follows a path of clues that includes a wacky psychic, bingo mamas and mysterious keepsakes. Nancy Cohen has penned another follicle raising frolic with a wry twist of romance.” P.J. Parrish, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Fans will be delighted that Marla finally gets engaged.” Publishers Weekly

“The sixth of Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series featuring hairdresser/shop owner Marla Shore is just as charming and as good a murder mystery as the others.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Nancy Cohen does a great job of pulling all the threads together to create an exciting ending with some heart stopping moments for Marla and someone very close to her…Died Blonde is a fun read with the developing relationship between Marla and Dalton the center of the story.” I Love A Mystery

“I’d recommend the series to anyone looking for a cozy read with some humor, some scary bits, and characters one can get to care about.” Reviewing the Evidence

“The action is heart-stopping enough to set your hair on end.” Kingston Observer

“Florida hairstylist and beauty shop owner Marla Shore is a smart, capable woman with a skill for sleuthing.” RT Book Reviews

“Died Blonde is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery, and one which you won’t want to miss!” Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

“Died Blonde is a hair-raising amateur sleuth mystery that also contains a fine romantic subplot.” The Best Reviews

“This is a story that you won’t want to put down, and once read, you’ll be looking for other books by this very talented author. Guaranteed to satisfy any mystery lover. Highly recommended as a fun read.” ReaderToReader.com

“A sure and fun ride for all with a psychic on board to spur the action.” Mysterylovers.com

“Intriguing, fun and full of unforgettable characters.” Romance Junkies

“This is a good story with an interesting cast of characters who reappear in each book, as well as new ones readers will enjoy. What at first seems like a gossipy family story ends up in a really scary situation in a hurricane. Very timely!” Mystery News

“Marla is a great character. Her salon business brings her in touch with so many people. She is always able to get the dirt that Vail cannot get. The relationship between Marla and Vail is wonderful too. I can’t wait to read the next book and see what happens to them. I highly recommend this book.” The Best Reviews

“A fun read!” Mysterious Women

“Nancy J. Cohen is a terrific writer who always provides her customers with a stylish tale as the author has done with this fine novel.”  The Readers Guild

“It’s amusing to try to figure out which real South Florida sites are fictionalized in Died Blonde.” Sun Sentinel

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