Facials Can Be Fatal

  • Publisher: Five Star Publishing
  • Series: A Bad Hair Day Mystery, Book 13
  • Release Date: February 22, 2017
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook, Paperback and Hardcover
  • Digital: 9781432834760
  • Hardcover: 9781432832827
  • Large Print: Coming April 19, 2017 from Wheeler Publishing; ISBN 9781432837938

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Hairstylist Marla Vail’s new day spa hits a snag when a client dies during a facial.

During the frenzy of the December holidays, the last thing salon owner Marla Vail needs is a dead body slathered in a green facial mask at her new day spa. The victim, Valerie Weston, had been a major donor for Friends of Old Florida, a historic building preservation society. Marla’s stylists are scheduled to work backstage at their upcoming gala fashion show, but Val’s demise might put a crimp in their plans. Hoping to salvage her reputation, Marla determines to track down the suspects. Although Val had been well-liked by most people, she may have stumbled onto secrets that others would kill to keep. As more bodies pile up, Marla races to uncover the clues. What are the connections between a greedy land developer, a dress designer whose husband may have links to the Asian mob, a mortician who might be involved in the human hair trade, and members of the non-profit group’s board of directors? Are the latter as dedicated to their cause as they’d like Marla to believe, or do they have their own self-interests at heart? Sparks are sure to fly when this smart stylist joins forces with her sexy detective husband to solve a decades-old mystery that includes a secret journal, pirate tales, and shipwrecks along the Florida coast. With the rollercoaster excitement, you might need a trip to the day spa to relax. But beware of body treatments that have nothing to do with herbal scrubs and hot stone massages and everything to do with murder.  

Awards & Accolades:

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“Take a twisty mystery, and add a cast of amiable characters, a dash of family drama, and a pinch of South Florida during the holiday season–they all add up to the recipe for a delightful cozy!”—Lucy Burdette, bestselling author of the Key West Food Critic Mysteries

“Marla and Dalton solve a mystery that includes pirates and shipwrecks off the Florida coast, and readers will be standing in line to get on this series as fast as possible. Marla and Dalton work extremely well together and are a whole lot of fun to read. This is one book in a series but is also a fantastic standalone for anyone who might not have met this couple before.” Mary Lignor, Suspense Magazine

“The death of a philanthropist has Florida salon owner Marla Vail tearing her hair out… Marla needs Valerie’s death solved pronto so she can go back to planning her blended family’s joint Christmas-Hanukkah party and fending off their inquiries about when she and her new husband plan to have a baby. Routine poke-your-nose-where-it-doesn’t-belong fare, with results as expected.” Kirkus Reviews

“Facials Can Be Fatal (A Bad Hair Day Mystery) by Nancy J. Cohen is a nice, comfy, cozy mystery starring Marla Vail and her new family. Dalton and Marla have reached their first year of marriage, and Marla’s friends and family are pushing her to have a baby. She and Dalton work well together, and she is content with her life the way it is. It is enjoyable to read how they balance their sleuthing around their lives. Although this is one book in a series, it is a great standalone. I recommend this book to those who are cozy mystery fans and enjoy a sleuth mystery with many twists and turns.” 5 Stars! Susan Sewell, Readers’ Favorite

“This is the 13th Bad Hair Day Mystery by Nancy J. Cohen and she still keeps coming up with great ideas for a story. This one drew me in right from the beginning and with all the possible suspects, the twists and turns, I had no idea who was responsible for killing Val Weston in the Spa…A fun cozy read with mystery, family drama and some romance.” Carla Loves to Read

“Nancy has done such a brilliant job in growing Marla’s character from book to book. You get such a sense of who she was in the beginning and how she has changed throughout each read. I look forward to what will come next!” Taryn’s Reviews

“Marla and Dalton make a wonderful sleuthing team. They, as well as the secondary characters, are realistic, well-written and well-developed. Marla is someone readers can connect with. She’d make a great friend. She’s an everyday person who finds herself in not everyday situations. The storyline is fast-paced and keeps readers guessing to the end. There were several different twists and turns this story could have taken. I was surprised at the outcome. I’m looking forward to reading more of Marla’s adventures.” Socrates Book Reviews

“This one kept me guessing and my inner history nerd was made even happier with the talks of diaries, shipwrecks and preserving old architecture.  The setting for the final showdown alone is worth giving this book a read! If you enjoy cozy mysteries this is a fun, light series, with a likable main characters and enjoyable side characters.” Katherine Pitts, I Wish I Lived in a Library 

“Pirates, hidden treasures, secret identities, murder… Book 13 in Nancy J. Cohen’s Bad Hair Day Mystery series has that and a whole lot more! This is the first cozy mystery I’ve read where the main character is married to the sexy detective on the case and I love that!…The Bad Hair Day Mystery series books are captivating and exciting. It only took reading one book for me to become a fan.” Missi S., Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

“With a mix of humor and light suspense, unveiled connections, and an old mystery somehow connected, the pace is maintained as Cohen adds more pieces to the puzzle.  If you enjoy humor in your cozy mystery, you’ll like FACIALS CAN BE FATAL. This book is part of a series, but can easily be read as a standalone.” Christa Nardi, Christa Reads and Writes

“Plan to spend all weekend at the day spa! With all the twists and turns between these covers you will need to plan a relaxation day to recover. The book starts with a scream and the action never slows. We are treated to the inner workings of the beauty industry and more facts about hair than I ever thought I’d need to know.  For a while I suspected a few of the long term friend/employees of the salon. This story is indeed a treasure hunt.” Laura’s Interests

“This book kept me guessing as to whodunit. The twists kept coming and there was a plethora of suspects to choose from for the more than one murder! I enjoyed the pirate tangent a lot. It seemed to add a historical twist (beyond the obvious Friends of Old Florida tie in) which I found interesting. I also quite liked the respect and importance that Marla and Dalton gave to their family over the holiday season. The mingling of Christian and Jewish holiday cultures was wonderful. Never did they make solving the crime interfere with their holiday plans with family, a bonus as far as I am concerned. If you would like to read an enjoyable, entertaining and engaging cozy mystery, with some romance thrown in (though this one did have a few more dead bodies than in previous books), then Facials Can Be Fatal is your book!”  Open Book Society

“I enjoyed this book reading about how Marla was a lot more than facials, hair and nails. This book is great for cozy lovers of all sorts. Can’t wait to see what is next!” Paula Mitchell, Community Bookstop

“What better place for chaos and murder to happen while at a spa…I loved the fast pace of the story and how the author throws curve balls just as you think you have solved the mystery. Marla and Dalton are a great couple and I love the interaction between the two. I never could figure out who the killer was, but I loved the ending.” Deana Dick, Texas Book-aholic

“The story had more twists and turns than a pretzel. And I ate them all up! It is really fast-paced and kept me thoroughly engaged to the end. I especially liked Marla and her detective husband as a sleuthing duo and Marla’s relationship with her step-daughter. The combination gives a relatable real-world feel to the story.” Mayor Sonni, Readerpolis

“If Cut ‘N Dye hair salon owner Marla Vail was hoping for a quiet holiday season, she’s in for a disappointment. Instead, it’s going to be a Hanukkah and Christmas season of murder, secrets, a hidden treasure, and family expectations. It begins with shrieks from the adjoining spa… Longtime fans will feel fully invested in following Marla’s personal development, while mystery lovers will be surprised by the increasingly complex plot and numerous villains. The fast pace will have readers swiftly turning the pages of this compelling holiday mystery, and its auspicious conclusion leaves them anxiously hoping for more.” Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life Magazine

“When a well-to-do client dies mid-facial, Marla Vail decides to track down a killer to save her salon’s reputation. This cozy has a great cast of characters and suspects galore. It’s a fast moving story that will keep you guessing, and rooting for Marla all the way through. While it is the 13th Bad Hair Day Mystery  series, you’ll be able to catch on and not feel lost even if you haven’t read the previous 12 books. You will most likely want to go back and read them when you’re done, however!” Erika Kehlet, The Book’s The Thing

“Author Nancy J. Cohen once again takes readers on a tantalizing ride of mystery, murder, mayhem, and humor in FACIALS CAN BE FATAL…Cohen’s characters are quirky and well-developed, the type of friends you wish lived down the street. The setting quickly draws you in and the twists and turns hold you spellbound until the end. The author blends the murder mystery with family life and drama for a well-balanced story with touches of romance and humor…FACIALS CAN BE FATAL is entertaining, intriguing, and captivating. You’ll never look at a cream facial mask quite the same ever again.” Mason Canyon, Thoughts in Progress

The nice thing about this series—one of the nice things, that is—is that Dalton, Marla’s police detective husband, actually values her input in his investigations. It’s always a pleasure to see familiar folks in Marla’s life and a cast of characters was most welcome in keeping track of potential suspects. I’ve stuck with this series since the beginning and enjoyed this installment as much as any of them. I wonder what Marla and her crew will be up to next time. Lelia Taylor, Buried Under Books

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