Addicted to Books

May 23, 2012

I am addicted to books. I’ll confess right now that I can’t go anywhere without a book. The format doesn’t matter. Kindle, iPad, or tree-based physical books will all serve the purpose. You’ll find books in my car, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and the den. Sometimes I’ll read three at once, usually in different genres. But as my Amazon wish list grows longer, so do the piles of books in our house. We have crates of them spilling over into every room.   books2

Some books I’ve gathered at conferences, others in goodie bags at various book events. Some authors have sent me their work for endorsements. And of course I have to buy the books my friends write. Then there are my favorite authors and new writers to try. So many good books to read, not enough time!

You say I can save space if I give up the physical tomes and settle for digital? The futurist in me fears an electromagnetic surge/weapon/solar flare that will knock out our electronics. Where would I be then without a paper book to hold?

No matter what format books take in the future, I can’t live without them. I need a story to transport me to other places and other times, to experience adventures I’ll never have in my lifetime, and to learn about different ways of life and people. Storytelling lies at the root of the human experience. Even if the delivery methods change, the need for this form of expression will not go away. So join me, and read a book today!

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0 thoughts on “Addicted to Books

  1. Hurray for paper books. I don’t have a Kindle yet and dread the time when paper books are a rarity. That electromagnetic surge sounds scary…and too possible! Let’s enjoy while we can.

  2. I’m really close to buying a kindle, mainly for it’s compactness (handy for holidays etc), but I could never give up my physical copies, it’s unthinkable………… 🙂

    1. Yes, Wendy, that’s the advantage of a Kindle. You can carry around a lot of books without the weight. Having one doesn’t mean you have to give up paper books. It’s only another means of delivery.

  3. I completely relate to your words, Nancy!! Thanks for articulating my addiction as well. 🙂 Kindle or paper? I have both. For me, the medium is not worth the emotional brain cells to battle. But I sure do like having my Kindle with me and deciding later if I want to read the novel, non-fiction book, or recent epub I downloaded.

    1. I’m glad you agree with my comments. I keep adding books to my Amazon wish list. Some are paper and many are Kindle ebooks. One of these days when I feel like treating myself, I’ll order all of them.

      1. So true! A really good day is when one of my wish list books goes on “special.” One of my Kindle “wants” had a one-day free download recently. Bonus! 🙂

  4. Yes, Sharon, it is nice when a book on your wish list gets offered as a special. I like the free downloads because I learn about new authors that way. Then I am eager to see what else they’ve written.

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