July 19, 2010
This is a frenetic week with lots of online visits re blogs and author interviews.  Visit the Science Fiction Romance Brigade TODAY to read excerpts from Silver Serenade and author interview. Leave a comment to enter a drawing for a free pdf copy of my new release.
We’re in Orlando helping our son move so I’m using our condo computer. Every now and then, this one makes strange noises. I cringe, because this will probably be the next machine to break down. When we get home, I have to work on my laptop until the new Dell desktop arrives, then hope I can reinstall everything including my email files. We’ll see. This may be the first time I use the restore feature on Mozy online backup. It leaves me unsettled and anxious not to have an office computer up and running. I use an ergonomic keyboard so I miss that as well when I use the laptop. And in another week is the RWA conference so I won’t have time to do much in the interval.
If you’ve sent me important emails recently, please be advised that I am doing my best to print or save them or send them to my alternate email addresses but things may get lost in transit. Resend if you don’t get a response.

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  1. Can’t wait to read your new book.. this will be so different then bad hair mysteries! I really do need to get away. Went to hubbys mom’s 89th birthday reunion over 4th of July and dog had “thunderphobia” and ruined doors, carpets, blinds, windows, knick-knacks, etc. New Neighbors shot off 3 or 4 hours of firecrackers and my dog lost it..My friend was watching my babies for me. It’s not her fault..can’t tell what a dog will do..ever. Well Congrats on the book, Love you