Gifts for the Writer

November 22, 2010

What should you buy for the writer on your gift list? Some of these items are no brainers. Others are generic, and still others apply to the individual. But here are some cost-effective ideas that may appeal to all in no particular order. The best way to get a wish list: Ask. Or go look at their desk if you have access and see what they collect or use the most.      

   Some of the more interesting gifts I’ve gotten have come from my writer pals or my kids, like the jar labeled Writer’s Remedy that holds little squares with different words for inspiration, or the figure holding a hammer to his computer with a plaque that says #1 Author & Mom, or the coffee mug with my book title. Be imaginative, or be simple. Whatever you give will be appreciated.

Here are some ideas:

  1. An Ebook reader device, i.e. a Kindle, Nook, Sony, or Kobo, or a tablet like the iPad.
  2. Accessories for the Ebook reader.
  3. Books and DVDs on their Wish List.
  4. Gift Cards to Amazon, B&N, Borders, Starbucks. You can order particular books on Amazon Kindle now to be sent to the gift recipient’s email address if they have a Kindle.
  5. Office Supplies: highlighters, ultra-fine black Sharpie pens, a good quality ballpoint pen, a sturdy stapler, paper clips, rubber bands, pads of paper. You name it, we can use it.
  6. Personalized notepads and Post-its. Great for scribbling memos.
  7. Cute desk accessories like Brighton pens and mini-clocks or magnetic paper clip holders.
  8. Scented Candles. Scents can soothe or energize.
  9. Body lotions, hand cream, scented soaps. If we smell good, we feel good.
  10. A gift certificate to a day spa. A mani-pedi or a massage can go a long way toward relaxation.
  11. USB Flash Drive. We can use several as backups to keep in different locations.
  12. Chocolates and/or Wine. You can never go wrong here. My favorite place to order food gifts is Wine Country Gift Baskets. They have a selection of everything and their prices are reasonable.                              

What else would you add?    


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0 thoughts on “Gifts for the Writer

  1. I love bookmarks with inspirational quotes or words, and one can never go wrong with hot chocolate. (Ah, nothing better than curling up with a good book and a mug of Godiva’s hot chocolate!) The flash drive is also a great, practical idea, as well as one of those reading lights that clips to your book.

  2. My publisher gave me a box of things like posters, pens, buttons and a carry-all,which was very sweet, but I’d love a list of places to give readings/talks within driving distance! Marilyn aka: M. E. Kemp; DEATH OF A DANCING MASTER

  3. Your PUBLISHER gave you a gift? That’s a first! Re the list of places to give talks, do you belong to Sisters in Crime or MWA? Some of these orgs have library and bookseller lists. Or ask your fellow authors on the various loops.

  4. Great minds DO think alike–too funny! I’d like a contract on the trilogy proposal I just sent out 🙂 Barring that, I’ve heard Santa is bringing me a Kindle so I want a K-cover!

  5. Suzanne, I just got a Kindle and bought a sleeve type neoprene cover with a zipper top at B&N for less than $20. It fits nicely in my purse and is lightweight. And I’d like a contract too for my trilogy proposal. Seems like we’re on the same page for more than one item!

  6. I was going to ask my husband for the natural reader software. Has anyone used this and if so, what did you think?

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