Krazy for Kindle

November 19, 2010

I have hopped on the Kindle train, become Kindle-ized, joined the Kindle generation. In simpler terms, I got my first Kindle as an advance birthday gift (the big day is Thanksgiving if you’d like to send me a card).


It’s the 3G Kindle model for $189. I got a thrill opening the box and finally holding the e-reader device in my eager hands. It came with a little booklet of instructions and a charging cable. The initial charge took an hour or so, then it was ready to go. I turned it on and followed the directions on registering my account. Then I read the manual on the Kindle itself. It also comes with embedded dictionaries. Instructions are easy and clear. My fingers had to get used to texting on the little buttons but the controls are quick to learn. I like the simple page turn button and the almost instantaneous speed with which it turns pages.

Then I emailed myself, at the address they specified, a pdf file I’d been saving on my computer of a romance novel. Oops, I’d sent it to my regular Kindle email account and got charged 30 cents. Now I read that you’re supposed to email the file as an attachment to your account name at and put “convert” in the subject line. It’ll convert the file for free into Kindle formatting and download it to your device. I did this with a copy of Silver Serenade, my latest sci fi romance. Voila! It showed up on my Kindle!

I connected the Kindle to my home wireless network and activated my Twitter account. Now I’m ready to buy the list of books I’ve been accumulating on my Wish List. I’ll still read regular print books around the house, but I can’t wait to take my Kindle on a cruise.

The hunt is on again, this time for a cover. Fabric, leather, or canvas? Zippered or slip-in? Light or no light? Since I can read in bed at home with the lamp on, I don’t see the need for a reading light. And I’ll want a case that’s as lightweight as possible that fits in my purse. One reason why I never used my PDA was because the metal case made it too heavy. I’ll need to be able to stick this e-reader in my bag without weighing down my shoulder. The cases at Target are $29.99 and up. Cheaper ones exist online, but do I want to waste my time hunting one down? Oy, more choices.

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  1. I opted for the Nook Color because I had an old eBookwise (which I still love, but content is becoming harder to find), and got totally, absolutely, can’t live without it hooked on being able to read in bed at night with the lights off. So much so that I pre-ordered the Nook Color and paid more than I’d budgeted. Can’t wait to try it out. (And if I don’t like it, Hubster is likely to take it because he wants a reader that handles PDF and color for all his scientific journals.

    However, as I mentioned in my blog earlier this week, it should be about choices. Loving e-books doesn’t mean I don’t love print books as well.

    Terry’s Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  2. Yes, I just read on Publishers Lunch that a bunch of Borders stores were closing. If you go in the bookstores these days, you’ll see more toys and games on the shelves than books. It’s sad. I hope people appreciate the independent booksellers who are still out there. They offer personalized service and a bigger selection of authors than just the bestselling writers.

  3. One advantage of the Nook and other ebook readers over the Kindle is that you can download library books on them. If that’s a consideration for you, consider this point before making a decision on which one to buy.

  4. When I purchased my Kindle, I purchased a cover that has memory foam, so while in my purse, it’s protected. It’s light weight and it has a zipper, when I open it I can fold that cover back and it’s just a little bit bigger then my kindle. This way my kindle stays in the cover. The outside cover is of an old world map. I love it. I was told that some of the hard backs ones, would crack the case of the kindle when it was pulled back.
    I take it everywhere I go so if I have five minutes or twenty five minutes I can read. I have over 300 tiles and I can download a new book at any time. Can anyone say addicted? I have had mine since May and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    One of the bests things is that I can preorder a book from my favorite author and the day it’s released it downloads to my computer at 6:00a.m. and I didn’t have to go to the bookstore. I’ve also discovered several different authors that only publish in e-book. I am so in love.

  5. You’re the first blogger I’ve read who mentioned reading the manual first 😉 Most just mention how they just jumped in.

    I’m excited that Amazon is now allowing the giving of Kindle books as a gift. Before this, some authors would have contests and send out gift cards to winners to buy their books with, but this one bypasses that.

    1. When you go to the product page of a Kindle book now, there’s an additional button there that you can click to give it as a gift. Then you’ll have to give some info (name/email) on the giftee. It’s pretty straightforward. It’s simpler if the giftee has a Wishlist on Amazon, you don’t even have to enter the email in that case.

  6. Yup, authors can now just give the books as a gift for contests instead of the GC. All you need is the winner’s email.

    Would also work great if you’re shopping a new book around for reviews too, IMO.

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