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February 1, 2016

My husband and I took a walk on Saturday, since we finally had a break from the rain and cold weather in South Florida.

Plantation Preserve

Our conversation went something like this:

“I finally figured out the murder weapon,” I said. “Now I just have to determine whodunit.”

“Oh, and I thought you were looking at knives on the computer to use on me.”

“No, I found the perfect blade with a special handle. It’ll help lead to the killer’s identity. But I’m not sure how I’ll get there. I have to eliminate each suspect one-by-one to reveal the bad guy.”

“I don’t know how you can do all that. It would give me a headache.”

“Me, too. I haven’t figured out what Marla will do next. Her stepdaughter just had an emergency. We have to get past that, and then….”

And so on. You get the idea. Our imaginations are always active. I tend to zone out at times and have to remind myself to live in the moment. But it’s hard when you’re in the middle of writing a novel to stop thinking about it. We need the momentum to keep going, until the final page where we can write The End. Then it’s like a great burden lifts off our brains…at least until we start revisions.




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0 thoughts on “Living with a Writer

  1. I had to laugh. My husband is super supportive, but even he has gotten to the point where he sighs deeply when I mention my WIP. I’m going to share this with him in hopes that he’ll see he’s not alone. Perhaps your husband can console mine at Sleuth Fest.

    1. My husband is staying home while I’m at Sleuthfest. We’re local residents, so this is one conference he doesn’t have to attend. But your husband will definitely see he’s not alone.