May 27, 2010

MOONLIGHT RHAPSODY is now available in digital format from Belgrave House.

I love the cover!  The colors are perfect and so is the couple.Moonlight Rhapsody

This story is book number two in my Light-Years futuristic series.

What is this paranormal romance about?

Disguised as a trader, Lord Rolf Cam’brii goes to the slave planet Souk on a secret mission to establish contact with the resistance. But his ship crashes during a storm and he’s taken prisoner. Maintaining his cover, he’s thrown into a slave labor camp where he catches the eye of the beautiful human female overseer, Ilyssa.

Ilyssa sees in him the chance to obtain her freedom. She possesses the gift of siren song wherein any male who hears her sing becomes mindwashed. The pasha Ruel uses her to tame his enemies, and he holds her parents hostage against her cooperation. She pleads with Rolf, a pilot, to help her. Entranced by her beauty and charm, he agrees, and they begin a trek to freedom. It’s a journey frought with perils, not in the least of which is their forbidden passion for each other. Ilyssa’s gift comes with a curse, and to follow her heart means to lose her lifelong dream.

The original edition of this book, published by Dorchester, was featured as a prop in the movie, View From The Top, starring Gwyneth Paltrow.  How cool is that?



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  1. Gwyneth Paltrow held a copy of your book? That’s the coolest thing! I haven’t seen that movie but I make a point of it now. That was a fantastic book, but then I loved this series and have them all on my keeper shelf. It’s great that they’re available to readers again.

  2. Thanks, Allison. I’m excited that these books will be available to a new audience of readers. That’s a fun movie if you check it out.

  3. I LOVE your book Permed to Death! All of the mysteries I found by you so far are GREAT! I really want to read Silver Serenade. I need to hunt it down. Barnes and Noble won’t let me order some of your books so I need to go to Borders.
    My mother use to be a hairdresser and she loves mysteries so your mystery books are right up her alley!