Nancy J. Cohen Blog Tour

September 23, 2012

Please follow me on my blog tour. I have some interesting and unique topics lined up for you. All commenters on these guest posts will be entered into a grand prize drawing for a Warrior Prince T-shirt and magnet and a pdf copy of Warrior Prince.

Sept. 19, Wednesday, Paranormal Wednesday Blog, , Author Interview

Sept. 22, Saturday, Novel Natterings,, Myth as Inspiration

Sept. 23, Sunday, RomCon Blog, , Theme Parks as Setting

Sept. 24, Monday, Coffee Time Romance, ,  Trolls: Good or Bad?

Sept. 27, Thursday, FF&P Blog,,  Mixing Magic and Modern Times

Sept 29, Saturday, Killer Hobbies,, Food for Thought

Oct. 3, Wednesday, Smart Girls Love Sci Fi,, What are Vile Vortices?

Oct. 4, Thursday, My World of Dreams,

Oct. 5, Friday, Long and Short Reviews, Author Profile,

Oct. 8, Monday, Star Crossed Romance,,  Myth and Magic

Oct. 11, Thursday, The Galaxy Express,, Author Interview

Oct. 17, Wednesday, The Self-Rescue Princess,

Oct. 30, Tuesday, Romance Promo Central,, Halloween Spotlight: Monsters in Norse Myths

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