Salmon Cakes

August 5, 2012

Cooking Class: How to Make Salmon Cakes, or what my mother called salmon croquettes. That sounds so much fancier, doesn’t it? Anyway, all you need is 5 ingredients:

(3) 6 oz or (2) 14/1/2 oz cans Salmon

Plain Bread Crumbs

Garlic Powder

Egg Beaters

Canola Oil

Drain and flake the salmon in a large bowl. Remove vertebrae bones if present. Sprinkle in garlic powder. Add bread crumbs—not too much— and Egg Beaters to moisten. Stir to blend. Form by hand into patties. (You may refrigerate the cakes on a plate at this point if you’re cooking later.)


Meanwhile, heat a generous proportion of oil in a large frypan. I use an electric skillet. When the oil is hot, place the salmon cakes inside. Watch for browning and bubbling at the edges after a few minutes and turn with spatula. Brown on both sides. When done, drain on paper towel and serve. Serves 4.



Accompaniment: Try whole wheat spaghetti with tomato basil sauce and a salad.

Tip: If you have hot oil left over, pour in Egg Beaters and scramble for another side dish.

Salmon4      Salmon5

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0 thoughts on “Salmon Cakes

  1. Growing up, my mother made these often–usually on Fridays in Lent since we were Catholic. Exact same recipe. As a side dish, she would peal and cut a sweet potato into thin slices, then brown the slices in butter in an iron frying pan. She would drain the potato slices and sprinkle them with a bit of sugar. This is an old southern traditional dinner that I still enjoy today.

    • My husband ate these growing up, too, but being from Maryland he calls them “coddies” and eats them with Saltines. Those sweet potatoes sound good. I have a recipe similar to that, too.

  2. One of my favorites as a kid. My mom called them croquettes, too. I make mine with diced onion and bell pepper, but otherwise the same. I sometimes use cracker crumbs instead of bread crumbs. What a fun way to get your Omega 3s!

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