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August 30, 2010


How can you keep your favorite authors writing the series you love so much?  How can you inspire them when the publishing world dives and drags them along for the ride?

Here are some ways you can help besides showing up at a booksigning, ordering their book in the library, or giving a copy of their book as a gift.

  • Post reviews of their books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Facebook, Shelfari, your blog, and anywhere else that takes reader reviews. And while you’re at it, give their book five star ratings.
  • Tag their book sites on Amazon.  Scroll down on the book page to where it says Tags Customers Associate with this Product and put in your tags, i.e. keywords, or click Agree With These Tags.
  • “Like” the author’s posts on Facebook
  • Tweet their blog posts or other sites to your friends and retweet their Twitter posts.
  • Write them a message of support.  Authors need inspiration and you, the reader, are the reason why we write. 
  • If you’re really dedicated, lead a discussion group about their books.
  • Mention their books on Amazon Listmania and other favorites lists
  • Request bookmarks and pass them out to people you know who like to read.
  • Suggest their book for a book club discussion.
  • Provide links online to their website, blog, and Facebook fan page.

 What would you add?  As an author, can you make any other suggestions?  As a reader, what can the author do for you in return?


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0 thoughts on “Support Your Favorite Author

  1. Other suggestions to support your favorite authors:

    Participate in some of their on-line chats. It’s always wonderful to hear from readers who love our work, like a visit with a friend. It always puts a smile on my face.

    I have readers who send me a Christmas card and let me
    know what they particularly liked about a book. We need
    every word of encouragement we can get.

    Some readers request bookmarks and other promo items to place at their local library. Anything to get the word out.

  2. Judy, where are good sites for author chats with readers? I really haven’t gotten into this yet.

    That is a nice gesture to get a holiday card from a fan. Makes you feel appreciated.

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