Ten Tips for Blog Tours

August 17, 2010

Since I recently finished my own blog tour, I learned a few things along the road.  Here are some tips I’d like to share:

  1. Aim for popular blogs that get a lot of hits and slant your blog to their audience.
  2. Schedule up to three guest spots a week so you don’t clog the loops with your announcements.
  3. Plan to be available to answer comments all day when your post goes live.
  4. Publicize the blog tour on your social networks, website, and other sites.
  5. Include a short excerpt from your book with your post when possible.
  6. Add a buy link to your book along with links to your website, blog, FB page, and Twitter at the end of your post.
  7. Interviews as well as blogs draw attention.
  8. Consider offering a giveaway for commenters.
  9. Thank your host at the end of the day.
  10. For next time, write down blog topics as you write your WIP.  This way, you’ll have a ready list of topics available when you need them (i.e. notes on research, the writing process, what inspired you to write this story, world building, themes, etc.).

 What else would you add?

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0 thoughts on “Ten Tips for Blog Tours

  1. You’ve listed some very good points, especially the ‘don’t inundate.” Speaking as a blog host, I request that my guests not recycle posts. I also steer away from interviews, because I think it’s far too likely that a reader will see the usual–author headshot, book cover, and the word “interview” — and if they’ve already seen this author on other blogs, they’ll click away. At least that’s my reaction.

    One tip: If you’re going to tour, READ THE BLOGS where you’re touring. The blog probably has an established readership with expectations. Anyone who’s familiar with my blog should know I never do interview posts.

    Blog tours are as much about getting name recognition as doing promo for a book. I can’t tell you how many publicists or authors tell me the author has “cut and paste interviews all ready to go. Which means it’s probably been seen all over the place.


  2. Thanks, Karennelyn, for dropping by. Terry, those are good points. When I blog tour, I write new blogs for each site. Ditto for interviews. It’s only fair to offer fresh material and gives your followers new insights as well.

  3. All good tips, Nancy – the only one I would change is the crucial first week – five days in a row is better for generating Google buzz. But I wouldn’t encourage more than ten stops over two weeks. That gets to be too much for everyone including the search engines.

  4. Useful post – and Terry and Dani’s comments. I’ve never had to publicise my own books (I’ve ghostwritten, so the ‘author’ did all the legwork with the help of a mighty budget). Now I have a book on Amazon I’m learning publicity from scratch. I’m thinking I should do a blog tour but will be planning carefully what I can offer that will be of value to readers. As a blog owner I’m very careful about my editorial style, so when I tour on others, I know I will have to be mindful of what their readers like.

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