There’s No Place Like Home

September 19, 2010

There’s no place like home. Isn’t that the sentiment at the heart of Wizard of Oz?  It’s what I am feeling right now after sitting by the swimming pool at our condo and admiring the aqua color of the water, the golden yellow of the pool area enclosure, the coral table umbrellas, the bright blue sky, and the fluffy white cumulous clouds.           

Hey, aren’t these the same tropical colors as on my website? You betcha. I love the tropics, and that fact was brought home more vividly on our recent 7 day cruise to New England/Canada.

I will be providing port details and descriptions of the ship in subsequent blogs. Suffice it to say I wore three layers of clothing on top and a sweater to bed each night, I was so cold. It doesn’t matter that I grew up in the north. I’m an acclimated Floridian now. Add in some rain to the windy, cool weather, and that’s sore throat time for me. Yep, I got a cold.  Nonetheless, I went on every shore excursion we’d booked, ate my share of food at the buffet, and enjoyed the nightly shows.

Now we’re home, and although I miss the lobster and scrod and New England clam chowder, I am enamored all over again with our warm, sunny south. No more gray skies. No more cold, driving rain. No more shivering at least for a few more months. It should be plenty of time for me to walk off all the calories I’ve gained.

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0 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I have been here in Florida since 1980 and still I miss home. The beautiful green mountains of Vermont and the glistening waters of Lake Champlain. I know there is no way I could handle the six months of winter anymore. But the relentless heat and humidity take a toll on me. I look out my back sliders at my pool and the fantastic variety of tropical plants that fill the rest of my backyard like a tropical jungle of everything from banana trees to expensive Fantail palms. But the number of days I can sit outside and enjoy it, for me, rivals the six months of winter. The heat just kills me like the cold kills you. So I hope to move to NC someday. It’s somewhere in the middle. I miss spring and fall. The subtle changes here do not make a season for me.
    Funny thing though, even with the cold. I still feel at home in Vt and never did here.
    Have a great day Nancy and I’m glad you are where you belong and happy with it!!!

  2. Yes, I had this conversation with my cousin recently. I love northern landscapes, historical towns, etc. and I miss all of that living here in Florida, but I do NOT miss the cold weather!

    Still, I hope you all had a fantastic time, even if you did shiver a bit. I don’t mind a little cold weather on vacation. It’s a novelty I know won’t last long.

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