Warrior Prince Excerpt Conclusion

September 19, 2012

Warrior Prince Excerpt: Part 14 Conclusion
Copyright 2012 by Nancy J. Cohen

Her cheeks flushed as she latched onto his other remark. “Trolleks? Who are they? And what did you mean when you mentioned credits outside?”

He raised an imperious eyebrow. “I wish to offer you a position as our local guide.”

She gazed at him askance. Whoever these guys were, there wasn’t any doubt in her mind that they needed help. Should she accept?

With her track record, it was likely to be the only decent job offer in her future. Her temples throbbed while she debated her response.

Right now, when she could finally search for her birth parents, she didn’t want any roadblocks getting in the way. Was it worth tagging along with Zohar and his gang to earn the cash she needed for her research?

Maybe they were tourists from a backwater country, but that didn’t explain their raid on the log hut or their assault gear. Something more important was at stake here. Hooking up with them, even as their hired guide, could only spell trouble.

“Sorry.” She stood tall, giving Zohar a level glance. “Tempting as your offer is, I have to decline.”

“Wrong answer.” Zohar’s jaw tightened as he reached for her.


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