Warrior Prince Excerpt Part 13

September 18, 2012

Warrior Prince Excerpt: Part 13
Copyright 2012 by Nancy J. Cohen

“So what did you want to tell me?” she asked.

His gaze darkened. “We have much to discuss, but not a lot of time. It is unwise to linger.”

His somber expression didn’t sway her. “Feel free to go and take your friends along with you. Your problems aren’t mine, although I do want to thank you for rescuing me from those nutcases in that employment office.” Her forehead scrunched. “Just how did that place vanish, anyway? It was some sort of optical illusion, right?”

“In a way. Look, you fail to understand the danger. We cannot leave you alone.”

“I’m home, and that’s all that matters.”

He shook his head. “Not so. The Trolleks will come after you. They will follow your scent.”

“What scent?” She sniffed the air. “Are you telling me I stink? I may have been running around in the heat, but—”

A grin transformed his face. “You misinterpret, little one. Your skin is fragrant, like purpura blossoms. It is a most pleasant scent and highly alluring.”


Who are the Trolleks? Should Nira be worried about them?

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This is a 14-day series of excerpts from my upcoming release, WARRIOR PRINCE: Book One in the Drift Lords Series. All commenters will be entered into a drawing for one of my backlist romance ebooks. Two lucky winners will be announced on Day 15. Go to my Contest page for more opportunities.

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