Warrior Prince Excerpt Part 4

September 9, 2012

This is a series of excerpts from my upcoming release, WARRIOR PRINCE: Book One in the Drift Lords Series. All commenters will be entered into a drawing for one of my romance backlist titles in ebook format. Two lucky winners will be announced at the conclusion of this series. Go to my Contest page for more opportunities.               Warrior Prince

Warrior Prince Excerpt: Part 4
Copyright 2012 by Nancy J. Cohen

Algie’s eyes blazed. “How are you resisting me?”


“Never mind, just do as I said. Fix Jek to look more human.”

Human? She shook her head. That annoying buzzing sound must be affecting her brain.

However, it didn’t affect her instincts. An inner voice hammered at her to leave. She backed away, but at a simple nod from Algie, the door slammed shut from an invisible force.

“You’re not going anywhere until I find out how you’re blocking me. Jek, seize her.”

The big man’s beefy hand clamped onto her arm.

“Let me go.” Nira fought to elbow him in the gut, but his strength overwhelmed her. He hauled her toward the treatment table. “Stop, or I’ll scream.” Panic laced her voice.

The woman’s sinister chuckle chilled her blood. “Go ahead. No one will hear you.”


Does Nira have reason to panic under these circumstances?

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  1. I told you she should have run as soon as she saw the shabby office… But noooooooo she’s going to stay and get into trouble… Sheesh and I thought she was the smart one in this story. LOL

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