Warrior Prince Excerpt Part 7

September 12, 2012

Warrior Prince Excerpt: Part 7
Copyright 2012 by Nancy J. Cohen

“How about if we make a deal? My men and I will take you home, but then you must listen to my proposal. We could use your help.”

She nodded, having every intention of bolting for the door when on her feet. As he untied the strap around her wrist, tingling warmth raced along her nerves. Before she could jerk away, his strong hands grasped her by the waist and lifted her off the table.

Standing, she rubbed her arms, grateful for her mobility. Her glance skittered toward the exit. Unfortunately, the stranger obstructed her route. His tall physique overpowered the room.

“What’s your name?” Maybe she could gain his sympathy.

“I am Zohar Thorald. Let us leave this place before the displacement field reactivates.” While the man spoke in a soft tone, his authority brooked no arguments.

Whatever that means. He must be a foreigner, judging from his stiff manner of speech.

He stalked into the hallway, calling for his comrades to follow. Nira trailed after him, frustrated when she still couldn’t reach the main entrance. As if reinforcing her plight, Zohar snagged her elbow while he addressed his men.

“Find anything?”

“It’s too late,” one guy answered. “They must have taken anything of value before we arrived. It’s almost as though they expected us.”

The wall shimmered, and Nira blinked.

“Everyone outside.” Zohar yanked on her arm, dragging her into the anteroom and out the front door. Daylight pierced her vision.

“My sunglasses. I left my purse in there. Let me go.”

She twisted sideways but couldn’t break his grip. No way would she leave her Coach bag behind. It had been the first designer item she could afford, even if she’d bought it at the outlet store.

Zohar nodded to one of his men, who detached from the group and raced inside. He reappeared in the doorway and leapt onto the pavement just as the entire structure faded before her eyes.


What just happened? Did that building vanish from sight?

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This is a series of excerpts from my upcoming release, WARRIOR PRINCE: Book One in the Drift Lords Series. All commenters will be entered into a drawing for one of my backlist romance ebooks. Two lucky winners will be announced at the conclusion of this series. Go to my Contest page for more opportunities.


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    1. Thanks, I knew the word Zohar had significance in Judaism. You’re sharp to pick up on that!

      As for the building, it’s in the same dimension but in a displacement field. That’s explained in the story.

      1. Not my thing.. but I’m guessing my younger son will once he’s past 40. (that’s the magic age to be allowed by Jewish Law) I know someone in the community who studies is and people think he can do “miraculous” things. Haven’t seen it so I don’t believe it.

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