Warrior Prince Excerpt Part 9

September 14, 2012

Warrior Prince Excerpt: Part 9
Copyright 2012 by Nancy J. Cohen

She gave him her address while the rest of his men tore off their disguises. Crammed inside the second row of the van between two hulks, Nira clutched her precious handbag.

When her friend and mentor, Grace Miller, saw Nira trooping in with a gang of men, she’d probably call the cops herself.

Nira hoped so. Now that she was free to pursue her research, she didn’t want anything to interfere.

Her glance dropped to her wristwatch. She’d received the timepiece from her mother as a gift while her mother rested on her deathbed, along with a confession that Nira had been adopted. This keepsake, left by her biological parents, remained the only clue to her true identity. It ran with no visible mechanism and no battery.

Once Nira discovered the inscription on its face was runic lettering, she became fascinated with Norse legends. She studied comparative mythology in grad school, hoping to teach after she’d earned her doctorate degree. In the meantime, she’d meant to trace her origins but lacked the funding to carry out her plans. So far, she wasn’t having much luck finding a summer job.    runes

She couldn’t worry about that now. First she had to get away from these men.


What would you do to ditch them?

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This is a 14-day series of excerpts from my upcoming release, WARRIOR PRINCE: Book One in the Drift Lords Series. All commenters will be entered into a drawing for one of my backlist romance ebooks. Two lucky winners will be announced on Day 15. Go to my Contest page for more opportunities.

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0 thoughts on “Warrior Prince Excerpt Part 9

  1. Oh Nancy, you’re getting tricky on us… So she was adopted.. big deal. And the watch, my cousin used to have a self winding Timex that worked for years and years without a battery. I think you’re setting us up for a new level of woo woo.

    How to ditch them… Go in the front door of her place and scoot out a back window? Make enough noise for someone to call the cops? Many choices but not enough info about the hunks to make the proper one.

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