Writing Goals Reviewed

December 30, 2017

Writing Goals Reviewed

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to review the goals you’d set for this year. How many did you accomplish? Which ones will wait until next year? What unexpected accomplishments did you have?

finish line

Here are the creative and business goals for my writing career that I set last January. I hold myself accountable to you. Let’s see where we stand before setting resolutions for 2018.


Finish and Launch Hair Brained (DONE)
Write Trimmed to Death (FIRST DRAFT DONE)
Publish Audiobook editions for Murder by Manicure and Body Wave (ONE DONE)
Publish Author’s Edition of Highlights to Heaven (DONE)
Reissue trade paperback editions of Died Blonde and Dead Roots (NOT DONE)
Expand Writing the Cozy Mystery for a second edition (ONGOING)


Implement Launch Campaign for Facials Can Be Fatal (DONE)
Keep up with newsletter, blogs and social media (DONE)
Set autoresponder for newsletter signups (DONE)


Learn how to put books on sale across various vendors (NOT DONE)
Learn how to use BookFunnel (DONE)
Learn how to publish a book with IngramSpark (DONE)


Put together a free Book Sampler for newsletter subscribers (DONE)

How did you do with your goals?


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0 thoughts on “Writing Goals Reviewed

  1. Not bad, actually, Nancy… thank you for asking!
    Tough Luck Lane: published (that’s a big one)
    Also: 2 Tough Luck Lounge stories were published in Solstice anthologies, an unexpected bonus!
    Learn how to market (ongoing) but got some teasers & a trailer out there so baby steps have been taken.
    Tough Luck Lounge stories only one this year, definitely room for improvement
    Indigo Hour: going out to Beta Readers and moving forward – could go faster, room for improvement there as well.
    Attend meetings and workshops: a few, and that was good, but need to work on this. 2018 should definitely see an upswing in networking activity.
    Keeping up w/social media: FB is First in my heart but have learned how to use Twitter. Next year, Instagram and really pushing the envelope on the Tough Luck Lounge blog.
    It was a year of ups and downs, a real roller coaster ride. However, I think I’ve migrated to the carousel and need to keep that Merry Go Round keep going ‘round into 2018 and beyond… Happy Healthy 2018 Nancy!
    xo LC

    • You’ve accomplished a lot this year, Lois, and should be proud of yourself! And good for you on the unexpected bonus with the short stories. It’s always pleasing when happy surprises come our way. Here’s to more successes in 2018!

  2. Thanks for your post, Nancy. I always enjoy reading your take on creative endeavors. The travel critique, not so much, but I’m a serious cruiser (got one scheduled this fall for Norway!) and DO like to read about your Caribbean adventure. I’ve never been there. I particularly liked seeing your goals from last year and your honest evaluation. I went simple last year: exercise, diet read scripture (got specific with those) but my writing goal was to publish With Malice Aforethought (DONE) and write 5 days a week. I can’t say I fulfilled the last one as I spent a lot of time formatting two older books, on social media and blogging. However, I think they count as they all furthered my writing in some way. Working on 2018 goals-I’d like to use yours as a template.

    • Definitely the formatting, social media and blogging count toward the five days a week goal. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we go through five stages of writing. If you’re not in the actual writing phase, you might be doing revisions, mulling over a new plot, working on production or marketing. Sometimes we have to get these things done before we can face the blank page again. I’m in the revisions and production phases myself now, and marketing is ongoing. No new writing at the moment. But as long as we keep working toward our overall goals, we’ll accomplish them. A cruise to Norway sounds wonderful!

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