The Bad Hair Day Mysteries

Peril by Ponytail (Bad Hair Day Mystery #12)

Peril by Ponytail

Marla and Dalton honeymoon at a dude ranch where they uncover family secrets best left buried.

Marla and Dalton’s honeymoon at an Arizona dude ranch veers from dangerous to downright deadly faster than a horse headed to the corral. With her husband’s uncle—the resort’s owner—on the suspect list for murder, Marla races to prove his innocence. She hopes her blind trust isn’t misplaced, especially when she learns their relative has secrets he’d rather keep buried. As the bodies pile up, she digs deeper to find the killer. With her new family in jeopardy, she’d better figure out who’s adding to the spirits at a nearby ghost town before someone she loves is hurt. Saddle up for Marla’s latest adventure in the Wild West where a Bad Hair Day is the least of her worries.

Hardcover: 9781432830984, $25.95, Five Star
Shipping Date: September 16, 2015; On-Sale Date: October 7, 2015

Peril by Ponytail ropes in the reader in Nancy J. Cohen’s captivating new tale, which deftly braids together deadly secrets under the sand, long hidden resentments, and romance on the range.” —Ellen Byerrum, Author of the Crime of Fashion Mysteries

“Another winner from talented author Nancy J. Cohen. Saddle up and come along for a great read!”
—Maggie Toussaint, author of the Dreamwalker Mysteries

Hanging By A Hair (Bad Hair Day Mystery #11)

Hanging by a Hair, a Bad Hair Day mystery by Nancy J. Cohen

Marla and Dalton Vail move into their new neighborhood and discover a murder next door.

Hardcover: 978-1-4328-2814-1, Five Star, April 18, 2014
Kindle ASIN: B00JJ2XVUQ, Five Star, $3.99, April 18, 2014
Large Print: 978-1410470812, Wheeler Publishing, Sept. 10, 2014
Mass Market: 9780373269457, $7.99, Worldwide Mystery Library, May 2015

“Marla Vail, a hairdresser in Royal Oaks, Fla., tackles married life and a slimy homeowners’ association in Cohen’s cheerful 11th series entry.” Publisher’s Weekly

“The suspense element in this unusually funny mystery is gripping.” Florida Weekly

“Cohen’s lighthearted approach shines in Hanging by a Hair.” Sun Sentinel

“Funny, quirky, fast-paced with just the right amount of romance and humor mixed in with the mystery. Great series!” Socrates Book Reviews

Suspense Magazine

BTS Award Night Owl Top Pick
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Shear Murder (Bad Hair Day Mystery #10)

Shear Murder   Shear Murder Mass Market

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

A wedding turns deadly when hairstylist Marla Shore discovers a dead body under the cake table.

Hardcover: 978-1-4328-2554-6, $25.95, Five Star , Jan. 18, 2012
Large Print: 978-1-4104-4653-4, $25.99, Wheeler, March 22, 2012
Kindle ASIN: B00CBDRGQU, $3.99, Five Star, Feb. 8, 2012
Mass Market: 978-0-3732-6909-9, Worldwide Mystery Library, $7.99, August 2014

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“Smart, edgy dialogue and an intriguing cast of characters lift Cohen’s 10th Bad Hair Day mystery featuring South Florida hairstylist Marla Shore.” Publishers Weekly

“Who knows more about the wedding party than your hairdresser? Welcome back south Florida’s Marla Shore, who trips over the dead matron of honor in her tenth cozy.” Library Journal

“Interesting characters and South Florida scenery make “Shear Murder” a cut above other amateur sleuth mysteries.” Sun-Sentinel

“The action is fast-paced, the situations and characterizations provide plenty of this author’s trademark humor. “ Florida Weekly

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Killer Knots (Bad Hair Day Mystery #9)

Killer Knots

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

Troubled waters lie ahead when hairstylist Marla Shore and her fiancé Dalton Vail sail away on their first Caribbean cruise.

“Fans of vacation mysteries will enjoy watching Marla find her way through this light whodunit.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Overeating isn’t the only danger when a Florida hairdresser and her fiancé take a Caribbean cruise…When passengers start to disappear, Marla suspects lobster thermidor isn’t the only thing aboard that’s not kosher.”  Kirkus Reviews

“Cohen’s latest Marla Shore novel shines with the compelling drama of an old-fashioned whodunit. A cruise ship is the perfect setting for this closed-door mystery.” RT BOOK Reviews


Perish By Pedicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery #8)

Perish by Pedicure

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

Just as her fiancé Detective Dalton Vail’s uptight former in-laws descend on her home, Marla is up to her roots in a big‑time beauty show that could make or break her career.

“Plantation author Nancy J. Cohen’s series about amateur sleuth and hair salon owner Marla Shore gives readers an inside view of the beauty business while also focusing on South Florida scenery.” Sun‑Sentinel

“All of Cohen’s fast-paced books are full of twists and turns, great characters, and interesting settings. The chatty prose pulls you into the swirl of Marla’s Jewish family and her community activities. This likable amateur sleuth handles a curling iron and murder clues with equal aplomb in this stylish series.”News Sun

“PERISH BY PEDICURE is filled with hair splitting humor, unexpected nail biting twists, and a bad hair week caused by future in‑laws while Marla cuts to the roots of the case.”  Midwest Book Review


Dead Roots (Bad Hair Day Mystery #7)

Dead Roots

Independent Mystery Bookstore Association Bestseller List
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

Marla’s family reunion at a haunted Florida resort turns up dead bodies instead of fond memories. She and her fiancé, Detective Dalton Vail, launch another murder investigation in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner.

“Well‑developed characters and an intriguing historical background enhance this winning cozy.”  Publishers Weekly

“Ghost stories, nifty secret passages, tales of gemstones and family secrets enliven this tale.” Sun-Sentinel

“Condemned wings of the hotel, secret passages, and a gaggle of paranormal experts investigating the resident ghosts, all add up to a frenetic mixture of mirth and mayhem.” I Love A Mystery

Died Blonde (Bad Hair Day Mystery #6)

     Died Blonde

Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

Marla stumbles over her rival’s body in the meter room behind their competing salons.  Her boyfriend, hunky Detective Vail, asks for her help in solving the murder.

“Died Blonde is a thoroughly enjoyable mystery, and one which you won’t want to miss!” Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

“Another bright addition to a charming series.”  Library Journal

“The sixth of Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series featuring hairdresser/shop owner Marla Shore is just as charming and as good a murder mystery as the others.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Highlights To Heaven (Bad Hair Day Mystery #5)

     Highlights to Heaven

 Independent Mystery Booksellers Association Bestseller
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

Marla lands a case close to home when her pet‑loving neighbor named Goat disappears, leaving his animals alone and a dead body in his master bedroom.

“Lively fun.” Library Journal

“A great addition to a delightful series.” Mystery Lovers Bookshop

“If you want a mind‑candy read somewhat reminiscent of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, you’ll enjoy Highlights to Heaven by Nancy J. Cohen.” Duffbert’s Random Musings.

“Fun Florida settings and adorable eccentrics make a popular series.” Inkwood Books

Body Wave (Bad Hair Day Mystery #4)

Body Wave

 Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

Marla goes undercover as a nurse’s aide for wealthy Miriam Pearl to investigate her granddaughter’s murder. While Marla snoops into the elderly matriarch’s affairs, her friend Detective Vail is afraid the only affair she’ll snag is with her ex-spouse, Stan.

“Nancy J. Cohen has a knack for writing mysteries that keep readers guessing right up to the final pages.” City Link

“When it comes to hair-raising tales of murder and mayhem, Nancy J. Cohen’s wonderfully wry Bad Hair Day mysteries are second to none.” Barnes & Noble Ransom Notes

“The Bad Hair Day mysteries have been noted for their humor, quick pacing and an intelligent amateur sleuth. Author Nancy J. Cohen continues to offer a refreshing and fun series.” Creatures ‘n Crooks Bookshoppe

*Revised Author’s Edition Coming Soon


Murder By Manicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery #3)

Murder by Manicure

 Independent Mystery Booksellers Association Bestseller

*New! This Author’s Edition has been revised and updated with added bonus materials.

Hairstylist Marla Shore joins a fitness club to get in shape but discovers a dead body instead of an exercise routine. Jolene Myers—a client at Marla’s salon—has drowned beneath the frothing waters of the whirlpool. When Homicide Detective Dalton Vail determines Jolene’s death was no accident, Marla decides to give her deductive skills a workout and help solve the case.

“Observations about makeup, hair, and apparel mix with humorous, sexy overtones and catty remarks.  A solid series addition.”  Library Journal

“Cohen fashions her Bad Hair Day series with plenty of humor, snappy repartee and even a healthy helping of current events.” The  News Press

“In Murder by Manicure, a southern sleuth who’s a cut above the rest pulls out all the stops to wrap up another nail-biting murder that will leave readers eagerly awaiting their next appointment with Marla Shore.” Barnes & Noble Ransom Notes

“For the reader who enjoys the twists and turns of a tale by Mary Higgins Clark, Murder by Manicure is a must read!” Reader to Reader

“Marla Shore is a beguiling, clever sleuth who teases out every clue. Absolutely delightful!” —
Jill Churchill, author of the Jane Jeffry & Grace and Favor mystery series.

Barnes and Noble
Print Edition



Hair Raiser (Bad Hair Day Mystery #2)

        Hair Raiser

This Author’s Edition has been revised and updated with added bonus materials.

Beauty salon owner Marla Shore volunteers for Ocean Guard, a coastal preservation society. When someone sabotages their gala fund-raiser, she must comb through a knot of suspects to unmask a killer.

“A saucy murder mystery by Nancy J. Cohen.” Publishers Weekly

“An easy-to-take series title with the ready appeal of an independent female sleuth and colorful Florida settings.” Library Journal

“The mystery is great, the dialogue sparkling, and the sexual tension runs rampant in HAIR RAISER…Nancy J. Cohen gives romance and mystery fans a heady concoction to savor.” Nominated  for a Reviewer’s Choice Award. RT Book Reviews

“HAIR RAISER is curled around a likable amateur sleuth who can handle a curling iron and murder clues with aplomb…Cohen is on her way to a stylish series. Sun-Sentinel

Barnes and Noble


Print Edition




Permed To Death (Bad Hair Day Mystery #1)

      Permed to Death

Hairstylist Marla Shore is giving grumpy Mrs. Kravitz a perm when her client croaks in the shampoo chair. If that isn’t enough to give her a bad hair day, handsome Detective Vail suspects Marla of poisoning the woman’s coffee creamer.

 “A fascinating story, with intriguing, sometimes quirky characters, a touch of humor, a hint of romantic possibilities, and a look at a profession we don’t often see in mysteries.” Mysterious Women

“ PERMED TO DEATH is a witty and a well-crafted mystery that will have you guessing till the intense end.” Southern Scribe

“An amusing tale, buoyed by a likable amateur sleuth and enhanced by the South Florida atmosphere.”Sun-Sentinel

 “Fast-paced and jaunty…”Publishers Weekly

Wicked Women Whodunit

Kensington Brava Anthology MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca, Nancy J. Cohen “Three Men and a Body” Novella by Nancy J. Cohen

Wicked Women Whodunit

Reality show contestant Heather Payne’s assignment is simple: get a bed-and-breakfast in Winter Park up and running within seven days. But when “accidents” start plaguing the show, Heather begins to suspect the contestant she’s sleeping with may be the enemy.

“Cohen pens a unique whodunit.” RT BOOKClub Magazine

“These four amusing amateur sleuth romances are well written fine novellas starring wonderfully “wicked” women solving a murder mystery while finding the right hunk.”

“Those of us who have read Nancy’s Bad Hair Day series know we can count on her to provide a suspenseful mystery with intriguing characters.  The addition of more romance to the mix sweetens the tale.” Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

“A steamy, fun read…the interaction between the characters is fascinating and gives a whole new meaning to Reality TV…“WICKED” WOMEN WHODUNIT is a great anthology with just the right mixes of romance and mystery to make anyone happy.” Romance Readers Connection


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