New York City

January 20, 2015

Manhattan is always fascinating to visit, and this time was no exception. I came to attend the Mystery Writers of America national board meeting but arrived a day early to take in the sights. Since it was cold out and we were hungry, we began our sojourn at Hale & Hearty Soups.

P1040067  P1040068

Thursday afternoon, we roamed around Fifth Avenue, stopping in one of the clothing shops. It was impossible to try on anything while wearing four layers of clothes against the 20 degrees plus temperature outside. We wandered on to grab pizza for a quick dinner before seeing Kinky Boots at the Al Hirschfeld theater. It was a fun, lively performance with a feel-good vibe.

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On Friday, we ate breakfast at a local deli, getting our fill of nova salmon and cream cheese on a bagel. Then we took a taxi to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here we started at the Egyptian exhibit, enthralled by the replicas of tombs where we felt like Indiana Jones.

P1040092  P1040093


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Downstairs was a special costume exhibit called “Death Becomes Her” about ritual mourning outfits in earlier centuries. Somber music played throughout, enhancing the mood. Besides clothing, mourning jewelry like I mention in my book, Died Blonde, was displayed. People used to include hair from their departed loved ones in these brooches and such.

P1040120  P1040124

P1040122  P1040125

We ate lunch at one of the museum cafés overlooking Central Park. The trees were bare this time of year but the cold didn’t deter people from walking the paths there. After lunch, we headed to the Asian section after breezing through the Medieval wing. This area on the second floor wasn’t nearly as popular as others. We breezed through, already tired of looking at statuary.

IMG_1192  P1040136

Next we stopped by the European artists to see works by famous painters. We got too tired to continue and left the museum. However, we were unable to resist grabbing hot dogs at a Sabrett food stand outside. A lineup of food trucks provided many choices.

IMG_1198  IMG_1195


For more photos, visit my Facebook Page to view the album.


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0 thoughts on “New York City

  1. We also visited the Death Becomes Her exhibit and some of the Egyptian section and Sara’s favorite, the Etruscans. One of my favorite sections is the impressionist paintings. And don’t you find that almost all food in NY is good? It almost doesn’t matter where you go. I just avoid the chains you can find anywhere and stick to local cuisine. Glad you had a good time!

      1. You just did not find the best pizza or bagel shops. Nothing better than a water bagel. You can’t get good pizza or bagels out here in Silicon Valley. I did come close to good NY style pizza at a place called A Slice of New York. The owner is originally from NY.

  2. I haven’t been to Manhattan in years, but when my husband was working in New Jersey, we spent a few weekends there. We found the best way to tour is on foot. We walked miles, visiting the tourist attractions like the Empire State Building and Central Park. We also enjoyed chatting up strangers. Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are friendly and very willing to talk about their city. With our distinctively Southern accents, they knew we were tourists and humored us. The best bagel ever was from a little deli not far from Grand Central Station. I went inside, asked the lady behind the counter what she recommended as it was my “First New York bagel.” She sold me the bagel of the day, a sesame seed, and loaded my bag with plenty of cream cheese. She seemed delighted that I asked her advice. We enjoyed Manhattan so much we went back the next weekend!

    1. Argh! Dangling participle. I should have said “They knew we were tourists by our distinctively Southern accents.” I’m a writer. I know better than that. 🙁