A Trio of Florida Parks

March 23, 2021

Recently we visited a trio of parks all within walking distance of each other in Maitland, Florida. Our excursion began at Minnehaha Park. This seven and a half acre facility overlooks a lake with a scenic boardwalk through a wetland forest. A playground, exercise stations and picnic tables dot the open landscape. Restrooms are available.


A side path takes you to a tunnel that dives under the road and crosses to Covered Bridge Park. Here is the tunnel view from the Minnehaha side.


Here is the view from the Covered Bridge side looking back at the other park. This park doesn’t have much except a walking path in a viewable loop and the bridge. But if you cross this bridge, you come to the Jim Houser Azalea Garden.

This oasis offers bushes in full bloom during season, which unfortunately we’d just missed. Still, the winding path made from recycled tires was pleasantly relaxing.

We’d also visited Sanlando Park in Altamonte Springs on another excursion. This offers a nature walk through forested land, also with picnic pavilions, a playground and restrooms.

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4 thoughts on “A Trio of Florida Parks

  1. Well Nancy it looks like you and your husband are certainly getting alot of exercise. Enjoy! The trails are beautiful in the parks.

    1. We’re eager to explore before the summer heat and humidity sock us in. Spring is perfect weather. It would be great for Disney, too, if things were back to normal.

  2. So awesome. I can’t wait until next February when I will be in the Orlando area for 6 weeks. Lots of places to go for walks and observe nature.

  3. Six weeks will give you plenty of time to explore, assuming it isn’t freezing cold in February. But that’s also strawberry picking season through March. Blueberries come next.

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