Bryce Canyon City

October 24, 2019

We drove to Bryce Canyon City on Monday. It took us most of the day to get there. Our views along the way were one spectacle after another.

Lots of hotels, gas stations, and eateries populate this town that borders on Bryce Canyon. We stayed at historic Ruby’s Inn and ate dinner our first night in the lodge restaurant. The gift shop at Ruby’s Inn has about every souvenir you could want plus a fully stocked food market for campers.

The next evening, we attended Ebenezer’s Barn & Grill for a country music dinner show. It was a fun evening with better food than the night before.

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4 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon City

  1. We really enjoyed Bryce Canyon when we were out there. We did not stay in Bryce Canyon City, but it sounds like a relaxing place to stay. Of all the parks we saw in that area, we liked Bryce Canyon the best.

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