Bryce Canyon

October 25, 2019

Nothing can prepare visitors for the majesty of Bryce Canyon in Utah. The power of speech escapes you at the sight stretching to the horizon. Words can’t describe the sense of awe. Although the visitor center offers an explanation for how the canyon was formed, it’s as though the hand of God carved the rocks into these magnificent formations.

Some of them looked like people, making us wonder if a civilization had sinned and God had turned the citizens into stone. Certainly nature alone couldn’t have worked these wonders.

We drove from one viewpoint to the next, each with magnificent vistas.

Our final spot to visit was this Natural Bridge. I loved the trees with golden yellow leaves that sparkled in the sunlight.

An unusual sight was the number of vintage vehicles we met along the way.

We ate lunch at Bryce Canyon Lodge, stopped at the Visitor’s Center, and then returned to Ruby’s Inn to spend the night.

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6 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon

  1. I think Floridians need to experience the grandeur of the west. We live in the Colorado mountains after 30+ years in Flat Florida, and the views, even from such a mundane spot as the Walmart parking lot, still take one’s breath away.

  2. Terry, I agree. Each region has its wonders. Here we have the ocean, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. Out west, you have magnificent vistas everywhere. We have visited Colorado before, from Pike’s Peak to Cripple Creek. My mother was born in that state.

  3. I loved my visit to Bryce Canyon. It was so majestic and beautiful. That is not to say that I do not love what other parts of the US have to offer.

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