Dining Out Fort Lauderdale

May 21, 2018

You may be wondering why I write about food so much on this blog. Authors have lives, too, and I happen to enjoy dining out, taking cooking classes, and experimenting on recipes. Everything we do feeds into our creative works. You’ll find recipes and food mentioned throughout my Bad Hair Day Mysteries. So here are some local spots aside from the usual chains.

Dar Tajine is a Moroccan Restaurant that draws you in with its lush décor. The menu selections were varied enough to appeal to everyone at our table.


We started out with Zaalouk, an appetizer with grilled eggplant, tomato, garlic, olive oil and spices. It tasted like Ratatouille and came with triangles of pita bread. For my entrée, I had the Beef Tajine that was wonderfully tasty and tender. My husband had the Vegetarian Tajine that looked substantial enough for his appetite. In my estimation, tajine means it is slow-cooked and served in these interesting pots. We’ll have to go back to try the Shish Kabob and Chicken Bastilla. Mint tea and a selection of pastries concluded the meal. The restaurant is located at 8281 W. Sunrise Blvd in Plantation. Go to http://www.dar-tajine.com


On Mother’s Day, we dined at Vienna Café & Wine Bar. This is a favorite when we want a special night out. It has a continental atmosphere with Vienna classics on the menu. I started with the Mushroom Fricassee. The mushrooms are sautéed with port wine and cream and served in a flaky pastry. My main dish was the potato-crusted salmon, which came with a pinot noir cream sauce and steamed asparagus. I ordered a side dish of potatoes au gratin. This is located in Davie at Pine Island Plaza. http://www.ViennaWineBar.com


So here’s my question for you. Do you like to read about my dining and travel adventures? Or would you rather I stick to how-to articles on writing and the writing process? Perhaps you like a mixture of both? Please let me know what interests you.


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0 thoughts on “Dining Out Fort Lauderdale

  1. My preference would be to just read about your novels, writing practice, writing schedules, and your wonderful coverage of the conferences you attend. I am personally not interested in reading about food or vacations, but that’s just my opinion. There are lots of other people following your blog. If I see a blog post about food or Disney World, etc., I just skip it. No offense, but that’s just my preference. But you’re right: all of a writer’s life feeds his/her work. If I were to post about all the Netflix docs and shows that I love, or photos of adorable baby animals, there would probably be people who would also skip it. C’est La Vie. That’s what’s great about Life. And blogs. It’s a smorgasbord and we can pick and choose. But I do love your blog. And your photos. You have wonderful advice about writing and scheduling, and you cover the conferences so well for those of us that missed them. Post as you will. It’s all good.

  2. I enjoy reading all of your columns. I am in awe of your writing talent and find the travel articles informative and intriguing. The food articles always make me hungry, so I try to read those after a meal. They do make me want to ask you for tips on how you stay so trim wth all that good eating going on. Perhaps that will be a subject for future articles!

    1. Thank you for sharing your interests in my articles. Me, trim? How you flatter me! I have to limit my dining out, or I’d be a tank. My husband and I take a walk each morning, and that helps. So does watching what we eat at home. As a writer, I do too much sitting in the chair. And THAT could be the subject for a future article.

  3. Hi Nancy~ I love the mix! Your blog is never boring and I usually find a new “secret” restaurant that I’ve never tried, such as Dar Tajine. We’re spoiled silly in SoFlo with so many choices. I enjoy the recipes and food references in your Bad Hair Day series and hope that keeps on as well.

    1. Thank you, Lois. This is good to know. Thanks for sharing your opinion. We do have a lot of food choices in the area, although my husband and I usually end up at our favorites.

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I enjoy all your posts, I think precisely because there is so much variety. Even though I’m a reader and not a writer, your tips for writers give me some insight into your thought process for your books and just how much thought does go into writing a good book. The travel and food posts are mini-reviews and interesting, especially since you and your husband seem to be a little adventurous. Travel and the location and eating are worked into the Bad Hair Day books in detail but that just makes the stories seem more real. I wouldn’t change anything. If I come across a post that doesn’t particularly interest me I just skip that one, but as I said, I do enjoy the variety.

    1. Thank you, Sally, I appreciate your comments. Yes, my travels and tastings do often make their way into my books. It’s all research, because you never know what you’ll need for a story in the future. Travel notes are especially helpful in that regard.

  5. I love food and enjoy reading about the local stuff. I have a sister in law in Boynton Beach and will sometimes get to visit places you recommend. Now if you could recommend a place for a cheapish b’nei mitzvah for boy/girl twins for June 2019….. 😉

    1. A cheap place for a b’nei mitzvah? Good luck! There’s Signature Grand on Route 84. Otherwise, a hotel or country club depending on what you want to do. I’ve researched restaurants in the area that have space for private groups but these would only work for smaller numbers.