Ghost Hunt

October 28, 2013

Have you ever hunted ghosts at a haunted site? We had the chance to go on our own ghost tour at the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona. This five-story concrete structure used to be a hospital for miners populating the area in the early 1920’s. Our ghost hunt ($20 per person) began in the boiler room of the hotel with an orientation talk. The original 1926 steam boiler still provides heat for the hotel. Our guide told us ghost tales and the hotel history (see post on Jerome coming next). Here’s the boiler room. Can you spot the orbs? You might have to enlarge the photos.

P1020723 (800x600)  P1020743 (800x600)

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One ghost was a fellow who used to hang out at the bar and who disappeared for three days. He was found by the police chief hanging in his bathroom down a short corridor from the boiler room.

P1020747 (800x600)  P1020748 (600x800)

Another ghost was a man who was found with his head smashed under the elevator that had stopped working. The coroner said the back of his head should have been bashed in, but the front had contusions. Had he been hit with blunt force and his body laid out there so it would appear to be an accident?

P1020780 (800x600) P1020750 (800x600)

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Ghost number three was a 24-year-old female schizophrenia patient, who’d been drugged and restrained at night. On her last night there, she got loose and jump from the balcony to her death.

And finally, the fourth ghost could be the man who shot himself in his room.

Then we were given our instruments which included a Digital Camera, an IR Thermometer, and an EMF Meter that blinked red near electric sources.

P1020779 (800x600)   P1020756 (600x800)

The ground floor has the lobby and boiler room, plus a gift shop. The lobby used to be an emergency entrance for ambulance patients. The men’s wards were opposite the women’s and children’s wards on floors two and up. Room 26 (our room) used to be the x-ray department. This was spooky in itself, since my husband is a retired radiologist. Room 27 was the nurse’s station.

P1020758 (800x600)  P1020760 (800x600)

Floors one through four contain the hotel rooms and former patient wards, the former operating room, cafeteria, x-ray department, and solarium. The old-fashioned Otis elevator is enough to spark your imagination. You have to close a grate and then the outer door. A key is needed to reach the higher levels. Below is the incinerator where body parts were disposed along with other bio-hazardous materials after surgery.

P1020771 (800x600)  P1020768 (800x600)

The third floor was the psychiatric ward. The fourth floor had been an enclosed rooftop and was converted to rooms for wealthier private patients. (If I get any of this wrong, it’s due to my note taking and not to the lecture). The cafeteria was off one end of a floor. The operating room was at another end at a different level. There was also a solarium.

P1020766 (800x600) P1020772 (800x600)

All are being converted into guest rooms. We walked through these sites on the ghost hunt tour, including the new areas under construction.

P1020762 (800x600)   P1020763 (800x600)

As we went around, we didn’t find any cold spots. I took a lot of my own pictures, hoping something would show up later when I put them online. We were promised a disk of everyone’s photos from the hotel cameras, but so far, this item has not arrived. However, a lot of orbs showed up on my photos as you’ll see. If you want more information on this phenomenon, check out these resources:

What do you think about orbs? Are they spiritual entities, or are they artifacts like dust motes and water vapor droplets?


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0 thoughts on “Ghost Hunt

  1. You asked, so I’ll declare that orbs are definitely not water or dust motes. I’ve seen way too many on photos, under lots of different conditions. I truly believe the orbs are spirit or elementals of some sort, possibly both. Sounds like an interesting tour! Thanks for the timely post.

    1. I would like to think you’re right. It surprised me to see so many down in the copper mine. Those photos will be in my post on Bisbee. I also caught some in the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone. The stories people wrote about their experiences at the Grand Hotel are fascinating. I’m just glad nothing happened to me in the night. I would have jumped out of my skin.

    1. No matter what one’s belief system, it’s still cool to catch these on camera. And this hotel has written accounts by its guests of weird happenings.

  2. A great blog for Halloween! I’ve visited a few “haunted” sites myself and found them very interesting. I bet this one appears in one of your novels!

  3. Since i actually do paranormal investigating, I should say orbs are dust, but I feel some are spirits in basic form they can take (easiest). I know my fellow investigators will bash me over the head with that comment. Last “haunted” spot may end up in fifth ghost book I am hoping to write (waiting for green light of book proposal to publisher)–I got some odd mist in pictures I took of this part of a “haunt” attraction last Friday. Since it is in the area for the book, going to research what was on land before the modern Motorsports Park. I know not far away a Civil War battle happened near a former tavern (now private house) I did a ghost tour in 2 weeks ago. And sure caught a misty figure looking out of downstairs parlor window other figures captured doing before (one was a shadow figure-but definite head and shoulders)


    1. A friend of mine has captured the ghostly figure of a horse from a civil war battlefield. It’s really eerie. Orbs appear to be more controversial.