Kitchen Remodel

January 13, 2023

Remodeling a room can make a big difference. Since a kitchen is the most popular place in a house, renovating this space increases your home’s value and provides a warm, comfortable space for friends and family to gather. Last year, we finished our kitchen remodel. The transformation was amazing and allows us to entertain in style.

Kitchen Solvers of Orlando did a great job. They kept us informed every step of the way, showed up on time, and did meticulous work. I believe their prices were reasonable and they did quality renovations. They even kept our kitchen sink functional until the last minute so that we were inconvenienced for only a short time.

In the kitchen, we replaced the old Formica countertops with quartz stone. We added two lower cabinets. One has a drawer and pull-out garbage cans. The other has a wine rack with shelves.

Old Photos:


New Photos:


These additions extended the countertops so we would have more space for entertaining. We leveled off the counters, getting rid of the height differential and adding inches more to our counter space toward the family room.

Coffee Nook

     wine rack

Regarding the cabinets, we kept the white ones that were here when we moved in as they were in good condition. We did add pull-out shelves to the lower ones.

In the laundry room, we replaced the old countertop and sink. It made an amazing difference. The upstairs bathroom also looked dated with Formica countertops and a wall-wide mirror. We replaced the countertop along with new double sinks and installed matching mirrors from the At Home store in Lake Mary. We kept the cabinets as is because they were in good condition. Laundry room is on the left; bathroom is on the right.


What household projects are on your slate next?


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4 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel

  1. Beautiful changes in your home, Nancy. And now that the dust (ahem) has settled, I hope all the new efficiencies are making your life easier and happier.

  2. We’re replacing all our window. More energy efficient, although things won’t look much different…until we get new window treatments, too.

    1. That’s a valuable thing to do, not that buyers look at it when they’re considering a house. We’d replaced most of our windows and doors in our Plantation house with hurricane impact ones. It made a huge difference in soundproofing and helped with insulation. I want to do the bedroom windows here for the same reasons, but impact windows have become very expensive. I can only do a few at a time. We had 40 years in our previous house to get things done.

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