Moonlight Rhapsody

  • Publisher: Orange Grove Press
  • Series: The Light-Years Series , 2
  • Release Date: Sept. 15, 2020
  • Genre: Science Fiction Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook and Paperback
  • Digital: 9781952886072
  • Paperback: 9781952886300

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A diplomat captured as a spy and a gifted songstress flee their enemies on an outlawed planet in this action-packed science fiction romance.

Disguised as a trader, Lord Rolf Cam’brii travels to the slave planet Souk on a secret mission to establish contact with the resistance. But when his ship crashes during an ion storm, he’s captured and thrown into a forced labor camp. Here he catches the eye of the beautiful female overseer, Ilyssa.

Ilyssa possesses the gift of siren song with the power to drive men mad, but no one realizes she’s a prisoner, too. Her parents are being held hostage by an overlord who uses her to control his enemies. Until Rolf’s arrival, she’s had no hope of escape. But now with his help, she could rescue her parents and leave the planet, if she can convince him to trust her.

Although Rolf doubts Ilyssa’s story, he accepts her proposal. They flee the labor camp and embark on a dangerous cross-country journey to freedom. Along the way, their attraction to each other grows. However, Ilyssa’s gift comes with a price, and to succumb to passion means losing her gift of song. Dare she risk everything for love?

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“Nancy Cohen creates a richly detailed futuristic world sure to stimulate the reader’s imagination.” Award-Winning Author Kathleen Morgan

“Rising star Nancy Cohen takes a giant leap forward in the pursuit of excellence with the publication of her provocative new futuristic romance…Ms. Cohen keeps our excitement at fever pitch as Rolf and Ilyssa fight their way to freedom and love in this thrilling novel of the far future.” RT Book Reviews

“The well-drawn characters put your imagination into overdrive. Add forbidden passion and you have a futuristic adventure that is scintillating and heart-stopping. Ms. Cohen has definitely proven herself a master of this genre.” Rendezvous

“A well-conceived plot, great characters, enough future technology and aliens to satisfy the dedicated science fiction fan, and a sensual romance all come together in a terrific story that will appeal to romance and science fiction readers alike.” The Paperback Forum

Moonlight Rhapsody is an action packed, fast-paced futuristic romance. The lead couple are magnetic together as they cope with planetary-wide problems and their growing love for each other.  Nancy Cohen has a visionary gift of writing about the future in a manner that makes it seem like it’s happening today.” (4-1/2 stars) Affaire de Coeur

“Nancy Cohen provides her readers with a swift-moving, thrilling futuristic romance. Moonlight Rhapsody includes two endearing lead characters struggling to resolve a planetary-wide crisis. This tale, which could be sold as either a romance or a science fiction, will provide readers of either genre with a confectionary treat too sweet to resist.” The Talisman

“A disgraced lord on an undercover mission becomes enslaved on a mining planet. His rescuer surprisingly is the Souk slave Dromo, the overseer who pronounces slave punishments. Fate and destiny weave a troubled path around this pair. When they finally escape the slave planet, their divergent goals threaten their blossoming romance. Book Two of the Light-Year Series has exquisitely layered world-building in an enchanting blend of futuristic romance and fantasy that lends itself to a totally immersive read. This tale of redemption bears a “love conquers all” message, and I found it to be a rhapsody for the senses. A well-plotted book that delivers mightily on the happily-ever-after romance trope.” Muddy Rose Reviews

“I must admit I was never really a sci fi reader, but this is the second book in this series, and I have to say I am hooked! Interesting, complex, and likable characters along with a wonderful plot filled with details, kept me turning the pages! Lots of twists and turns. This Romance/Sci fi is definitely a must read!” Charlene C.’s Reviews

“I was glad to see Rolf get his story. We met him in the first book and I wanted to learn more about him. He lost a young girl that he loved many years before and has spent that time trying to avenge her death. He is finally getting his chance and is going on a secret mission to Souk to help the resistance. He ends up as a slave to a beautiful woman with a siren’s song. Ilyssa wants to make the man her slave so that she can escape. She needs a pilot and he is a pilot. Everyone thinks she is in charge, but she is just a slave like the others. As they travel, they become closer, but Rolf isn’t sure he can trust Ilyssa. Can they escape the evil pasha?” Julia D.’s Reviews

“Moonlight Rhapsody is the second book in author Nancy J. Cohen’s Light-Years Series trilogy. Once again she has managed to pull off the feat of combining science fiction and romance and making the story plausible, believable and thoroughly enjoyable…Well-written, well done and natural, the romance can get quite steamy, with the characters moving quickly from an instant, heated, non-stop attraction to a state that often distracts them to the point of being speechless. Funny, romantic, and a wonderful addition to the story…This is an engaging, delightful science fiction romance, a welcome addition to The Light-Years Series. I thoroughly enjoyed it, highly recommend it, and can’t wait to read the third book in the trilogy.” Sally’s Reviews

“In this second book of the trilogy we learn Rolf’s story. He is off on a mission when his spacecraft is downed by an Ion storm into the planet Souk. Soon after crashing he is captured and sent to a slave labor camp, side-tracking his mission to contact the resistance. Not long after being placed into the camp, an overseer named Ilyssa takes an interest in him. She wants to keep him for herself and make him her attendant. Rolf soon learns there is more to Ilyssa than her beauty. She wants to escape herself but must rescue her parents first. Rolf is the perfect person to help aid her in her plans because he can fly. But is what she telling him true or she trying to trap him? Follow along as these two take on a journey that will hold a variety of danger but there is much to be gained. The question is, what will it cost in the end?” Taryn’s Reviews

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1994 by Nancy J. Cohen

As Ilyssa walked away with Bolt, she experienced a tumult of emotions. By the heavens, Sean Breslow was the most impressive man she’d ever seen! If he was a trader from Arcturus, then she was the cruel slave overseer everyone believed her to be.

In her mind’s eye, she envisioned the black hair that fell to his shoulders, the way his electric blue eyes insolently bore into her own, and the determined tilt to his jaw. Just thinking of his muscular physique brought her a forbidden thrill. He didn’t act or speak like a trader. The man had a noble air to him, as though he were used to giving orders and not receiving them. Who was he? Why had he really come here?

“Gave a good demonstration did you,” Bolt said, interrupting her thoughts. His dark beady eyes glanced at her with approval.

“I thought it would be effective.” Ilyssa had only administered the whipping herself because the Horthas would have nearly killed the man. Besides, it helped to uphold her image as the nasty Dromo that Ruel meant to perpetuate.

As pasha of this dominion, he had chosen this role for her. Each time she played along, Ilyssa knew her parents would be safe for a little while longer. Ruel held them hostage as insurance for her cooperation, and she didn’t dare defy him.

The pasha lived in the capital city of Haakat, which was located farther south by the Largess Lake. He ruled over the entire southern continent. Ilyssa had lived in Haakat ever since the age of twelve annums when Ruel had captured her family. She had held a privileged position in his palace for nearly eight annums since then.

Then one fateful day, Ilyssa had committed a shameful indiscretion. In his fury, Ruel had banished her to the Rocks of Weir, forbidding her the companionship of her own kind, and giving her the unpleasant role of Dromo. Ilyssa was terrified of incurring Ruel’s wrath again because he’d warned her that if she did, her parents would suffer. So she did what she was told. Bolt was her warden, watching over her and making sure she didn’t overstep Ruel’s boundaries.

She’d been here nine months now, and this miserable existence made it seem like nine annums. Her gaze swept along the dusty town and up to the Dromo’s residence, her prison. Life in this sector was bleak and harsh, unlike Haakat’s pleasant climate, which was another reason Ruel had banished her here. She yearned for freedom, but she had to rescue her parents before she could even think about saving herself.

She’d thought about escaping before, but now a sense of urgency gripped her. The last time she had seen her father, he hadn’t been well. She feared he was going into a decline. It was imperative she get him away from Ruel.

She had been afraid to try anything after the incident in Haakat that had caused her banishment. But now an opportunity had arisen that could give her the break she needed. She’d gotten an edge on Bolt.

Working at Computer Central in the mining production center, Ilyssa had access to the data files. She could easily read them, thanks to her mother. Moireen, a software expert, had developed Ilyssa’s computer skills when she showed an aptitude for the subject. All that training had come in handy, especially now.

Ilyssa had noticed a deletion, making her search for hidden files. She found a discrepancy between mine production and profits. The original records had been carefully concealed, but she’d been able to trace them. Someone was stealing shipments of ore on a regular basis.

After searching the files more extensively, Ilyssa had determined Bolt was the guilty party. Most likely, he was selling the ore for personal profit. She could even venture a guess as to the buyer’s identity. All she lacked was proof, and it was time to work on that detail.

With evidence in her hands, she could trade her knowledge to Ruel in exchange for her and her parents’ freedom. The piragen ore was the pasha’s main source of income. He’d be eager to learn who was siphoning off his proceeds.

But why should Ruel agree to a trade? If she told him she possessed important news about the ore shipments, he’d merely force the information from her and she’d gain nothing. Bartering wouldn’t work with him; he was simply too powerful. No, there had to be another way she could use the knowledge to her advantage.

What if she asked Bolt for a favor in return for her silence? Once she obtained proof of his treachery, she could threaten to show it to Ruel if Bolt didn’t give her what she wanted. But what could she ask for that would serve her goals?

The slave Sean Breslow came to mind. He was a spaceship pilot, and Ilyssa needed a pilot to take her and her parents off Souk. There hadn’t been many fliers among the sorry prisoners who had shown up at the camp. But more than that, Ilyssa felt something was special about that man.

His bearing and boldness spoke of courage. His steady blue eyes possessed a magnetism that fascinated her. It was almost as though fate had dropped him out of the sky right at this time when she had the means to use him.

Ilyssa would offer him freedom in return. If he helped rescue her parents from Ruel’s palace in Haakat, she’d use her skills to purloin a ship at the spaceport. They could all leave Souk together. But would Breslow be interested, considering the high risks involved?

There was only one way to find out. She needed to learn what lurked beneath the surface of the man. The fastest path would be to bring him into her household. Joie, her personal server, had been transferred and no one had taken her place. She could ask Bolt to assign Sean Breslow to the position.

Her excitement grew as she considered a plan of action. She’d get proof of Bolt’s guilt, threaten to show it to Ruel, and ask for the slave in return for her silence. Bolt would have to agree.

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