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Bad Hair Day Mysteries
Star Tangled Murder
Book 18
Styled for Murder
Book 17
Easter Hair Hunt
Book 16
Trimmed to Death
Book 15
Hairball Hijinks
Book 14.5
Hair Brained
Book 14
Facials Can Be Fatal
Book 13
Haunted Hair Nights
Book 12.5
Peril By Ponytail
Book 12
Hanging By A Hair
Book 11
Shear Murder
Book 10
Killer Knots
Book 9
Perish By Pedicure
Book 8
Dead Roots
Book 7
Died Blonde
Book 6
Highlights To Heaven
Book 5
Body Wave
Book 4
Murder By Manicure
Book 3
Hair Raiser
Book 2
Permed To Death
Book 1

The Drift Lords Series
Warrior Lord
Book 3
Warrior Rogue
Book 2
Warrior Prince
Book 1

The Light-Years Series
Starlight Child
Book 3
Moonlight Rhapsody
Book 2
Circle of Light
Book 1