Perish By Pedicure

  • Publisher: Orange Grove Press
  • Series: The Bad Hair Day Mysteries , 8
  • Release Date: April 23, 2019
  • Genre: Cozy Mystery
  • Available Formats: eBook and Paperback
  • Digital: ISBN: 9780999793206
  • Paperback: ISBN: 9780999793213

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Hairdresser Marla Shore is up to her roots in a big time beauty show that could make or break her career in this stylish cozy mystery.

Salon owner Marla Shore is eager to start her job as assistant hairstylist to a platform artist at a high-ticket beauty show. She’s hoping her connection to Luxor Products will advance her career. That is, until company director Christine Parks is found dead in her hotel room, face-down in a foot bath. Suspect number one is Marla’s former college roommate, Georgia Rogers. Since Georgia recommended Marla for the glamorous job, the least Marla can do for her in return is to clear her name.

As she launches her investigation, Marla learns that everyone who worked with Chris had a reason to hate her. From love affairs to blackmail to bad investment advice, she was a walking Bad Hair Day, and the list of possible suspects is longer than a pop diva’s hair extensions. Behind the thumping music and staged-platform hair artistry at South Florida’s hottest beauty show, something very ugly is going down. If Marla isn’t careful, she may end up on the wrong end of the killer’s sharp-edged shears.

“Find your favorite beach chair and a tall glass of lemonade to enjoy another Marla Shore mystery amidst the fashionistas! The perfect read for a beach chair or under the hair dryer.” Nancy Martin, author of the Blackbird Sisters mystery series

Awards & Accolades:

Independent Mystery Bookstore Association Bestseller List
Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore Bestseller

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“Plantation author Nancy J. Cohen’s series about amateur sleuth and hair salon owner Marla Shore gives readers an inside view of the beauty business while also focusing on South Florida scenery.” — Oline H. Cogdill, Sun‑Sentinel

“Cohen rewards the reader with a surprising conclusion…Marla’s suspenseful investigative efforts and her personal difficulties with the former in‑laws of her widowed fiancé Det. Dalton Vail make for a bumpy ride.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Find your favorite beach chair and a tall glass of tart lemonade to enjoy another Marla Shore mystery amidst the fashionistas!…The perfect read for a beach chair or under the hair dryer.” — Nancy Martin, author of the Blackbird Sisters mystery series

“All of Cohen’s fast-paced books are full of twists and turns, great characters, and interesting settings. The chatty prose pulls you into the swirl of Marla’s Jewish family and her community activities. This likable amateur sleuth handles a curling iron and murder clues with equal aplomb in this stylish series.” — Sue Ann Carpenter, News Sun

“Nancy J. Cohen leads readers into the world of beauty shows, where salon owner and amateur sleuth Marla Shore finds things more tangled than a model’s tresses.” — Donna Gehrke‑White, Miami Herald

“Perish by Pedicure is filled with hair splitting humor, unexpected nail biting twists, and a bad hair week caused by future in‑laws while Marla cuts to the roots of the case.” — Midwest Book Review

“A fast paced, entertaining read.” — Prudy Taylor Board, Boca Raton News

“Marla is a no-nonsense lady with courage to spare. You’ll like her a lot.” Nancy Sapir, Kingston Observer

“With each book, Cohen develops Marla’s personality a little more and gives us insight into the complex woman that lies beneath the spunky, well coiffed exterior…The sunny Florida locations are icing on the cake.” RT Book Reviews

“Marla is such a fun character. She just can’t keep herself from sleuthing. I also like the Florida setting. The author has done a great job of creating the characters and plotting the story. And there are plenty of red herrings and twists so that you aren’t sure until the killer is revealed who did it.” Dawn Dowdle, Mystery Lovers Corner

“Salon owner and amateur sleuth Marla Shore finds herself fixing more than just hair at a Fort Lauderdale beauty show. When the much disliked director of Luxor Beauty Products is murdered, Marla finds herself investigating a quirky group of industry characters including a pompous would be celebrity stylist, a sales representative, and an up and coming hairdresser. This cozy series is lots of fun and throws in quite a bit of interesting local color along the way to solving the murder.” Scottsdale Public Library Staff Pick

“Perish by Pedicure is a suspenseful and enjoyable read. Strong points are the cast of characters, and Nancy Cohen’s penchant for planting intriguing information in the tale.  This is a delightful read and, as always, the perfect holiday gift for your hairdresser.” Stephanie Saxon Levine, Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

“Cohen’s book is perfect to curl up with next to a fireplace on a rainy day. I highly recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries.” Rachel Dimond,

“Perish by Pedicure is definitely a story that fans of the series will enjoy.” Sharon Katz, Reviewing the Evidence

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2006 by Nancy J. Cohen
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