New York City

May 11, 2015

In Manhattan last Wednesday, we strolled up Fifth Avenue, across Rockefeller Center, and down Broadway to Times Square. From here we passed by Bryant Park and the New York Public Library and back to Grand Central Station.

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The Hyatt Grand Central was a great location on 42nd Street. Across the street was the Central Café where I had one of the best bagels ever along with smoked salmon.


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We discovered Two Boots in a hidden nook inside Grand Central. I liked their pizza with its crisp crust. We explored the food court and the fresh market in this interior maze of corridors with hordes of people rushing to their destinations with determined expressions. It’s a frenzied city with a hectic pace. I liked the Hale & Hearty soup chain. Their soups are the best and very filling. It’s enough for a meal. And pastries are everywhere—fresh croissants in butter, chocolate, and almond varieties; apple Danish; big cookies. Street vendors abound. Naturally, we had to try a kosher hot dog along the way. Do you see a pattern here? I tend to define a city by its food.

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We took a taxi to Penn Station, the first time we’d been in this madhouse. The directions inside aren’t clear so we stumbled around trying to figure out what to do. As we were early for our train to Union Station in D.C., we entered the waiting lounge. Here we took turns exploring the shops and cafes lining the corridors, and I bought us a sandwich at a deli to keep for lunch. Finally, about 15 minutes before departure, the overhead screens lit up with the Track Number. After a bit of scrutiny, we found the proper escalator and trundled down to the train. Here it was a free-for-all for a seat. You scramble onto a car hauling your luggage and grab a vacant space. The seats were quite comfortable, with outlets for electronics and tray tables like on an airline. Cars ahead had card tables for patrons who wished to work on their laptops and a café car that sold snacks.



This train was a lot smoother than the autotrain we’d taken from Sanford, FL to Lorton, VA. It was a pleasant ride with the scenery rolling by as we passed through New Jersey and Delaware on the way south. I wish our country kept up the rails and encouraged train travel like in Europe. It’s an adventure, and one we don’t get often enough. As we arrived at Union Station, we grabbed our luggage and joined the rush to the exit. We could have taken the Metro to Bethesda but not with all our suitcases, so we hailed a cab.

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0 thoughts on “New York City

  1. NYC, the city that never sleeps has the best food ever. More five star restaurants then anywhere. All you need is to walk and wear it off!

  2. Hello Nancy, I enjoyed your photos of New York along with your narration. I wanted to attend but had two Graduations in my family. Congratulations on being placed on the Board. Our group can be proud of your achievements. New York is one of my favorite places to visit. Fondly Janna Webb-Goldman

  3. Looks like a fun trip! It’s a shame you weren’t in Penn Station a couple weeks earlier. An indie bookstore called Penn Books which had been there for over twenty years had only just closed its doors. Indie bookstores keep disappearing and it’s a sad thing, I think. I worked in Penn Books for a brief stint and it’s where I discovered my love of cozy mysteries!

    1. Some indie bookstores might be closing but new ones are also opening. It gives us hope. I think there’s one in Florida that just opened for indie authors only.

  4. Your vivid description and photos made me homesick for my “old country!”

  5. A fellow blogger and I are heading to New York in August. We met via a writing platform and became close friends, and have since maintained a warm friendship through email and Skype. I’m quite excited since she is traveling from England to visit me for the first time, and we have several days in New York planned, as well as tickets to see both ‘Lion King’ and ‘Phantom.’

    We shall have to try the Central Cafe and sample those bagels!