Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

September 24, 2019

We took a trip to Batuu at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and entered a strange world with lettering in an otherworldly language. The marketplace was awesome, making you feel as though you were on another planet, and the costumed staff played along.

water stand  

We ate lunch at Docking Bay 7 and thought the food was good. I didn’t try the blue or green milk at the market stand.


Various characters from the movies appear around the site. Keep your eyes open if you visit so you can spot them.

storm troopers

The Droid Depot was a busy store with people putting together their own astromech units.

We didn’t fly the Millennium Falcon this time; will have to return for that attraction when it’s not so hot outside.

A few other sights along the way:

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If you had the opportunity to take a trip like this for real to the outskirts of the galaxy, would you go?


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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

  1. What a fantastic place! (Literally) I really wish there was somewhere like that here in the UK. Would I like to take a trip outside the galaxy for real? I’m a Science Fiction Romance writer – how could I not! 🙂

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