Writing Goals for 2018

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions for your writing career? I divide mine into creative and business goals and also decide what I need to learn next. At the end of the year, I review my accomplishments and see what has to be carried over to the next term. Here are my objectives for 2018. Any additions or suggestions? What are your goals for the new year?



Reissue revised ebook edition of Silver Serenade
Publish revised Author’s Edition of Died Blonde
Publish Writing the Cozy Mystery: Expanded Second Edition
Produce Body Wave Audiobook
Finish and Launch Trimmed to Death, #15 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries

If there’s time left, start on these projects:
Plot Bad Hair Day mystery novella
Keeper of the Rings
Dead Roots
Continue backlist title reissues and audiobooks


Prepare PowerPoint lectures and handouts for upcoming events
Enter Hair Brained in writing contests
Keep up with newsletter, blogs and social media


Learn how to do Facebook Ads
Learn how to put books on sale across various vendors


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Writing Goals for 2015

Usually I split my career goals into two paths, the creative end and the business of writing. So here are my upcoming objectives for 2015.


Finish and Submit Facials Can Be Fatal, #13 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries.
Revise backlist mystery titles, including Hair Raiser, Murder by Manicure, and Body Wave.
Commence audio book process starting with Permed to Death.
Hire editor for two standalone mysteries and consider bundling them as a box set.
Begin plotting #14 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries.
Consider timeline for writing books #4-6 in the Drift Lords Series.


Hold launch party for each backlist title as the revised Author’s Edition is published.
Plan promo campaign for Peril by Ponytail, #12 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, due out in October.
Enter books in writing contests.
Keep up with quarterly newsletter, blogs and social networking sites.

And what do you hope to accomplish this year?


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Happy New Year!

Once the mental fog clears and we get through this final holiday weekend, it’s time to start on those New Year’s Resolutions. Have you made yours yet? It’s not too late! What is it to be: exercise more, spend time with friends/family, work on hobbies, clean the clutter, watch the diet? We probably have more in common than we realize.

First I divide my goals into personal versus professional. The latter I separate into two sections: writing and business of writing. For the writing craft, I aim to write a complete proposal for a sequel to my proposed new mystery series. Right now, I only have the synopsis done, so I have to write the first three chapters. Then I want to revise another mystery proposal based on some comments I’ve received. Also on the list is to write a synopsis for a sequel to my futuristic. That’s three goals. I also have to polish a proposal for the sequel to my paranormal romance, before finally being free to either continue writing one of these books or try something totally new. Got all that? The good thing about these is….no deadlines. However, I will probably impose target dates for completion when I get started on each line item. This may be my usual writing schedule of five pages a day, unless I’m revising.

As for the business aspect, I should work on the electronic rights of my four earlier futuristics so these stories can be available for E-book readers. Then I’d like to index my blog posts for my own use, consolidate my email mailing lists, and look into online file storage. Then if I’m brave enough, maybe I’ll tackle Twitter. And these are only my professional goals.

Then we have the personal ones: Clean the Clutter is a resolution I make every year. Hey, I’ve made progress. I listed ten items on Craigslist and have sold three of them. Woo hoo! Books are on my clean out list this year. Anyone want to buy my Star Trek novel collection? Exercising is probably on everyone’s lists, but I have a Wii Fit Plus now so there’s no excuse anymore. Going back on a healthful diet is a third personal goal. So there you have mine. Good luck to you with your goals in 2010!