Peril by Ponytail Reissue

I am proud to announce the reissue of Peril by Ponytail, book #12 in The Bad Hair Day Mysteries. Peril by Ponytail was originally published by Five Star (Gale/Cengage). This Author’s Edition has been updated with added bonus materials. Now available in new e-book and trade paperback editions.

Peril by Ponytail

Copyright © 2015 by Nancy J. Cohen
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-02-7
Print ISBN:    978-1-952886-03-4
Published by Orange Grove Press
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Marla’s honeymoon at an Arizona dude ranch turns deadly when murder and mayhem threaten to unhorse her new happiness in this award-winning cozy mystery set in the perilous west.

Marla and Dalton’s honeymoon at an Arizona dude ranch veers from dangerous to downright deadly faster than a horse headed to the corral. With her husband’s uncle—the resort owner—on the suspect list for murder, Marla races to prove his innocence. She hopes her blind trust isn’t misplaced, especially when she learns their relative has secrets he’d rather keep buried. With her new family in jeopardy, she’d better saddle up her sleuthing skills to figure out who’s adding to the spirits at a nearby ghost town before someone she loves gets hurt.

Third Place Winner in the Arizona Literary Awards
Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review
Honorable Mention in the Readers’ Choice BTS Book Awards

Peril by Ponytail ropes in the reader in Nancy J. Cohen’s captivating new tale, which deftly braids together deadly secrets, long hidden resentments, and romance on the range.” Ellen Byerrum, author of the Crime of Fashion Mysteries

Arizona Literary Award  Readers Favorite   BTS Award Readers Choice Finalist

Excerpt from Peril by Ponytail

Dalton flung her to the ground and shielded her with his body as the chandelier crashed to the floor with a huge clang and the sound of shattering glass. Clouds of dust and slivers of crystal billowed into the air.

“Uncle Ray, are you all right?” he called once the debris had settled.

“I’m still here. Are you guys okay?”

Marla, crushed under her husband, wriggled free. “We’re fine. Aren’t we?” She brushed off her clothes after Dalton helped her to stand. Her body trembled. She folded her arms across her chest while her racing heart calmed.

“That was close,” Dalton said, his face somber.

His gaze scanned the catwalks, as did Marla’s. She didn’t discern anything unusual. Had she imagined the shadow before? Or the hint of laughter in her ears now?

Historic theaters would never again hold the same appeal for her.

Raymond’s eyes blazed behind his spectacles. “This wasn’t any accident. We could have been killed.”

“I should go up there and take a look around.” Dalton turned to Marla. “Why don’t you wait outside? It’s not safe in here.”

“All right, but please be careful.” She couldn’t leave this place too soon in her opinion.

Waiting on the street, she considered who might have been following their movements. Somebody had noticed them entering the old theatre and had taken advantage of the opportunity to cause harm. Had it been a member of Raymond’s crew or someone else?

“How well do you know your workers?” she asked Raymond when he and Dalton had rejoined her. Dalton’s negative shake of the head indicated his mission hadn’t proven fruitful.

“We’re on passable terms. I wouldn’t say I know each guy personally.” Raymond gestured expansively. “Let me show you the hearse before you go. We discovered it intact, and it only needed a bit of polish.” He led them down the street at a fairly steep decline.

A hearse. Oh, joy. They’d nearly ended up in one.


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“Cozy fans will have fun.” Publishers Weekly

“Hairdresser Marla Vail spends her honeymoon at the dude ranch from hell. As usual, it’s just a matter of time before Marla risks life and limb to help her husband solve a case that’s bigger than either of them anticipated.” Kirkus Reviews

“Ms. Cohen is the queen of the cozy mystery. With a large cast of interesting supporting characters; plenty of dangerous, suspenseful action scenes; an attractive, well-drawn setting; and a charming representation of the Marla-Dalton relationship, Peril by Ponytail will more than fulfill the expectations of Ms. Cohen’s fans and win the admiration of new readers.” Phil Jason, Florida Weekly

“Blending a dude ranch, ghost town, and the beautiful Arizona countryside with murder and mayhem, Cohen once again delivers a tantalizing tale…The story is filled with suspense and mystery, but also humor, touches of romance and family bonding.” Mason Canyon, Thoughts in Progress

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