A Bad Hair Day Cookbook

  • Publisher: Orange Grove Press
  • Release Date: November 19, 2019
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Available Formats: ePub, Mobi & PDF, eBook and Paperback
  • Digital: Digital ISBN: 978-0-9997932-4-4
  • Paperback: Print ISBN: 978-0-9997932-5-1

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Clueless about cooking? Hairstylist and savvy sleuth Marla Vail shares her favorite recipes in this Bad Hair Day Cozy Mystery Cookbook.

Are you having a bad hair day? Whip out your whisk, snatch up your spoon, and prepare your palate. Inside the pages of this cookbook are recipes that will bring you good cheer.

Enjoy 160+ tasty recipes from Nancy J. Cohen’s popular Bad Hair Day cozy mystery series. Included are excerpts, cooking tips, and anecdotes written by hairstylist and savvy sleuth Marla Vail. From appetizers to desserts, Marla offers cooking tips and tricks along with commentary about the dishes she prepares for her family. Whether you’re a skilled cook or an eager novice, this cookbook will unravel the mystery of cooking. Put on your apron and plan to make some killer recipes! Bonuses Include:

  • Meet the Sleuth
  • Introduction by Marla Vail
  • Cooking Tips
  • Excerpts from Series Titles
  • Themed Menu Suggestions
  • “A Sabbath Dinner” by Nancy’s Mother

For home cooks, food lovers, mystery fans, and cookbook collectors

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“Being an empty nester for over a decade, I got out of the habit of cooking and my husband and I eat out all the time. Reading through this cookbook has revived my interest in getting back in the kitchen.” Rhonda Gilliland, Author and Editor of the Cooked to Death Series

“Mysteries and cookbooks belong side by side on readers’ shelves. After untimely death unleashes chaos in fiction, recipe rituals, meal routines, and dining etiquette offer a semblance of civility to restore balance. A Bad Hair Day Cookbook serves up both food and justice.” Christine A. Jackson, Ph.D., Author of Myth and Ritual in Women’s Detective Fiction

“Fans of Nancy Cohen’s prior books already know that her Bad Hair Day series of cozy mysteries are compelling reads, but A Bad Hair Day Cookbook offers something different in presenting recipes by ‘Marla Vail’, the fictional Florida hairstylist and salon owner whose exploits power Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series. These recipes are anything but fictional, however. They not only supplement the series with a fun nonfiction twist, but emphasize Nancy J. Cohen’s original creations (along with recipes from friends and family), designed for busy cooks who may not be out solving crimes, but whose time is equally challenged.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Nancy J. Cohen is a master mystery author. Her Bad Hair Day mysteries are unique and fun to read. Since she included so many food items in her mysteries, she decided to create a cookbook to share the actual recipes. A Bad Hair Day Cookbook: Recipes from Nancy J. Cohen’s Cozy Mystery Series, not only combines her mystery series with recipes but also includes some family cherished recipes. Each recipe is introduced with its source, either from a family or friend, or included in one of her mystery novels. The recipes are categorized logically and each recipe is well laid out with concise directions on how to prepare the dish. There are several excerpts from the Bad Hair Day Mystery Series to accompany the recipes. With a good introduction, this book is not only a treasure to add to any cookbook collection, but a pleasure to read.” Emily-Jane Hills Orford, 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

“If you like to cook, this cookbook is for you. If you don’t like to cook, this cookbook is for you. Many of the recipes are so simple, with just a few ingredients, that even the poorest cook can follow the directions and create something delicious. Just reading the Table of Contents made my mouth water. With many of the recipes I could taste them as Marla was describing them. I love the way Ms. Cohen introduces each recipe with a little story about where Marla got that particular one. Sometimes, she adds suggestions for making the cooking go smoothly. I am not a fancy cook, nor one who really enjoys the kitchen that much. But, I do know I plan on trying lots of recipes from A Bad Hair Day Cookbook.” Jan Klein on Goodreads

“There are so many good recipes in this cookbook. I tried several and they are so yummy!” Julia David on Goodreads

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