Keeper of the Rings

  • Publisher: Orange Grove Press
  • Release Date: July 13, 2018
  • Genre: Science Fiction Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook
  • Digital: ISBN 9780998531779

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A beautiful archaeologist and her mysterious protector search for a stolen sacred artifact.

Taurin is shrouded in black when Leena first meets him, his face shaded like the night. At first she believes him to be a simple farmer, but the man exhibits skills worthy of a warrior. With his commanding presence, he’s an obvious choice to be the lovely archaeologist’s protector on her quest for a stolen sacred artifact. Curious about his mysterious background, and increasingly tempted by his tantalizing touch, Leena prays their perilous journey will be a success. She must find the missing relic, or dangerous secrets will be revealed that may forever change her world.

This title was originally published by Dorchester and written as Nancy Cane. Newly revised Author’s Edition published July 2018 by Orange Grove Press. 

Awards & Accolades:

A PRISM Awards Finalist!

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“Prepare yourself for exotic locales, evildoers galore, and two splendid romances! Ms. Cane’s done it again!” The Paperback Forum

“Fascinating! Nancy Cane combines the elements of science fiction and fantasy into a marvelous love story. Her books capture the imagination with their originality.” The Literary Times

“The spellbinding action gets more terrifying and enthralling as the uniquely different plot thickens. The conclusion is stunning!” Rendezvous

“Intense and fast, Keeper of the Rings has an absorbing and complex plot that expands over and over again. And like ripples in a pond the reverberations are felt throughout the book to the very explosive climax.” Affaire de Coeur 

“Fans will find this appealing romance interesting and satisfying reading.” Romantic Times 

“A dark, dangerous hero and imaginative adventures make Keeper of the Rings an entertaining read.” Phoebe Conn, NY Times Bestselling Author

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Copyright 1996 by Nancy J. Cohen
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Previous Editions: Dorchester Publishing, Feb 1996, Sept 2000

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