Booklovers Bench Tenth Anniversary

Booklover’s Bench is celebrating our tenth-year anniversary this February 2023. It all started when author Terry Odell returned from a Novelists, Inc. conference with the idea of starting a group for cross-promotion. These were called lifeboat teams back then. We started out with a slew of authors, some of whom left and others who joined in.

Today our members include Nancy J. Cohen, Maggie Toussaint, Terry Ambrose, Cheryl Hollon, Diane A.S. Stuckart, Debra H. Goldstein, and Lois Winston. We’re all cozy mystery authors who share in the costs, responsibilities, and promotion of the site. But we gain so much more on a personal level. We share the trials and tribulations of a career as an author and offer support for life’s events as well. We share advice and help each other with book blurbs and reviews. Any question is not too trivial for us to ask.

Our goal has always been to connect with readers by offering interesting content and free book giveaways. We still do this, but in addition to holding a monthly book contest that runs from the 1-18 of each month, there are regular Thursday blogs from the authors on a rotating basis, special group posts on the 4th Monday of the month, a group Facebook page, group Facebook parties, and group holiday posts.

For this month’s special celebration, we will have 7 winners! Enter Here to win one of seven free cozy mysteries and don’t forget to tour the other pages on our site while you are there.



Winner Takes All – February 2022

Looking for some great new cozy mystery reads? Enter Now to Win 7 free books from Booklovers Bench in our 9th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway!

Here’s what you can win:

BB Feb22

Lois Winston – Paperback (U.S. only) or ebook Revenge of the Crafty Corpse
Nancy J. Cohen – Signed mass market paperback  (U.S. only) Shear Murder
Debra H. Goldstein – Paperback (U.S. only) or ebook Four Cuts Too Many
Cheryl Hollon – Signed paperback (U.S. only) Draw and Order
Diane A.S. Stuckart – Hardcover (U.S. only) Peachy Scream
Maggie Toussaint – Paperback (U.S. only) or ebook Lindsey & Ike Mysteries, the Complete Novella Set
Terry Ambrose – Paperback (U.S. only) or ebook Mystery of the Eight Islands

Dates to enter are Feb. 1-18 so get your entry in now. Bonus entries available! Check out our other features while on the site, such as our Let’s Talk weekly blog and On the Bench group posts.

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