Cover Reveal – Styled for Murder

STYLED FOR MURDER, #17 in The Bad Hair Day Mysteries, is available for preorder!

Styled for Murder

When hairstylist and savvy sleuth, Marla Vail, gets a frantic call from her mother that there’s a dead body in her shower, Marla realizes this wasn’t part of the home renovation plans. The victim turns out to be the project manager, who had an untrustworthy reputation in town. Disgruntled customers, unpaid suppliers, and the design company’s staff are among the suspects. Which one of them wanted the foreman to pipe down about their shady dealings?

Meanwhile, the lead investigator sets his sights on Marla’s stepfather, Reed, who’s keeping secrets from his family. Reed has a past connection to the victim and won’t come clean about what he knows. As Marla drills deeper, she’s showered with suspicions, but nobody’s willing to leak any information. She needs to hammer down the prospects, or time will drain away and the murderer will strike again.

To flush out the culprit, Marla taps into her pipeline of resources. Can she assemble the clues and demolish the alibis to nail a killer? Or has someone designed the perfect murder? Recipes Included!

Release Date: Nov. 16, 2021
Copyright © 2021 by Nancy J. Cohen
Published by Orange Grove Press
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-21-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-952886-22-5

Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.
Digital Layout by
Cover Copy by

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Permed to Death

PERMED TO DEATH, #1 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, is on sale for one week only!
Hairstylist Marla Shore has a bad hair day when she’s suspected of poisoning her client’s coffee creamer.
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Cover Reveal – The Light-Years Series

I am excited to share the beautiful covers for The Light-Years Series. These stories were my first published books and they hold a special place in my heart. All three titles were previously published by Dorchester and have been updated with added bonus materials.

Circle of Light    Moonlight Rhapsody    Starlilght Child

Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.

Circle of Light, volume one, began as a story dream. It was so exciting that I couldn’t let it go when I woke up. I finished the story and went on to write two more sequels. Circle of Light was the seventh book I’d written and my first futuristic romance. I’d combined my love for Star Trek with my passion for reading romance and blended them together in this story that won the HOLT Medallion Award.

PRE-ORDER SALE! Order all three books now and save $6.00 off the regular prices. Available until Circle of Light launches on Sept. 8th.

Pre-Order Sale

Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-06-5, Orange Grove Press, Sept. 8, 2020, $3.99
Pre-Order Sale for $.99

Attorney Sarina Bretton dealt with cold, hard facts, not fantasies of faraway planets and spaceships. But Captain Teir Reylock whisked her to worlds—and desires—she’d never imagined possible and toward the fulfillment of an ancient prophesy.

Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-07-2, Orange Grove Press, Sept. 15, 2020, $3.99
Pre-Order Sale for $1.99

When an ion storm causes Rolf’s spacecraft to crash on the planet Souk, he’s taken prisoner and thrown into a slave labor camp. Here he catches the eye of the beautiful female overseer, Ilyssa. Can he resist her charms long enough to complete his secret mission?

Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-08-9, Orange Grove Press, Sept. 22, 2020, $3.99
Pre-Order Sale for $2.99

Cultural specialist Mara Hendricks and Commander Deke Sage meet on a mission to rescue a kidnapped child in a voyage that takes them across the galaxy and into each other’s arms.

The Light-Years Series - Out-of-this-world love stories among the stars. Pre-Order Sale! #scifi #romance Share on X

For my Mystery Fans, do not fear—there is a mystery in each story! In Circle of Light, we must discover the truth of the legend and who Sarina is truly destined to marry. Moonlight Rhapsody presents the puzzle of a mole in the Coalition government who is feeding information to the dastardly Souk slavers. And Starlight Child takes us on a chase across the stars to rescue a kidnapped child. What is the leader of the planet Yanura hiding from our heroes? I dearly hope you’ll try these stories so you can soar away on an adventure that will provide the ultimate escape. However, be advised the love scenes are NOT behind closed doors.

I can’t wait to read them! How do I get them on sale? CLICK HERE and pre-order all three books individually. They’ll be delivered to your email inbox on the release dates.


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Easter Hair Hunt Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL! Easter Hair Hunt, #16 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, is now available for pre-order.


Easter Hair Hunt


Cover Design by Patty G. Henderson from Boulevard Photografica


Hare today, dead tomorrow… Can a stylish sleuth pull a rabbit out of her hat to solve an Easter murder in this to-dye-for cozy mystery?

When hairstylist Marla Vail attends an Easter egg hunt at historic Tremayne Manor, she’s only there to fix hair for a client, Bonnie “Blinky” Morris. But when she’s asked to comb the grounds for leftover goodies, Marla discovers more than just a few dyed eggs. The dead body in the bunny costume is definitely not having a good hare day. And Blinky seems to have disappeared down a rabbit hole.

When trying to solve a murder, everyone needs a friend who’s all ears. For Marla, that’s her husband, homicide detective Dalton Vail. They make an eggcellent team. Dalton isn’t the kind to leap to conclusions, but with his wife seven months pregnant, and knowing Marla finds crime-solving to be irresistible, he worries about her running off on another hare-raising adventure.

Marla’s peeps are hoping for a happy ending, but she may have found a basketful of trouble this time. Can she crack the case before Blinky becomes the next victim?

Recipes Included!

“Marla is drawn into an investigation that involves a missing friend who is possibly a victim and a stolen Fabergé egg… As Marla and husband Dalton proceed, she finds her family life and pregnancy challenged in more ways than one, with everything overshadowed by Easter and a mystery steeped in South Florida history and culture. Nancy Cohen excels at capturing this atmosphere, injecting it into Marla’s life and choices with a series of seasonal egg-related revelations and surprises that keep readers immersed in both town affairs, personalities and politics and an Easter egg hunt like no other.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Release Date: March 10, 2020

Ebook: ISBN 978-0-9997932-6-8, Orange Grove Press, $4.99
Print: ISBN 978-0-9997932-7-5, Orange Grove Press, $14.99
Publisher: Orange Grove Press
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Print Pages: 302


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A Bad Hair Day Cookbook – Cover Reveal

I am excited to share the cover for A Bad Hair Day Cookbook: Recipes from Nancy J. Cohen’s Cozy Mystery Series. Since I’m a foodie, I had fun working on this cookbook while exploring new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. I love to talk about food and post photos of the dishes I’ve made, and now I can share this interest with you. Let’s get cooking!

A Bad Hair Day Cookbook

Release Date: November 19, 2019
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9997932-4-4, Orange Grove Press, $4.99
Print ISBN 13: 978-0-9997932-5-1, Orange Grove Press, $15.99
Cover Design by Boulevard Photografica
Digital Layout by

Are you having a bad hair day? Whip out your whisk, snatch up your spoon, and prepare your palate. Inside the pages of this cookbook are recipes that will bring you good cheer.

Enjoy 160+ tasty recipes from Nancy J. Cohen’s popular Bad Hair Day cozy mystery series. Included are excerpts, cooking tips, and anecdotes written by hairstylist and savvy sleuth Marla Vail. From appetizers to desserts, Marla offers cooking tips and tricks along with commentary about the dishes she prepares for her family. Whether you’re a skilled cook or an eager novice, this cookbook will unravel the mystery of cooking. Put on your apron and plan to make some killer recipes! Bonuses Include:

• Meet the Sleuth
• Introduction by Marla Vail
• Cooking Tips
• Excerpts from Series Titles
• Themed Menu Suggestions
• “A Sabbath Dinner” by Nancy’s Mother

For home cooks, food lovers, mystery fans, and cookbook collectors.

Being an empty nester for over a decade, I got out of the habit of cooking and my husband and I eat out all the time. Reading through this cookbook has revived my interest in getting back in the kitchen.” Rhonda Gilliland, Author and Editor of the Cooked to Death Series

“Fans of Nancy Cohen’s prior books already know that her Bad Hair Day series of cozy mysteries are compelling reads, but A Bad Hair Day Cookbook offers something different in presenting recipes by ‘Marla Vail’, the fictional Florida hairstylist and salon owner whose exploits power Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series.These recipes are anything but fictional, however. They not only supplement the series with a fun nonfiction twist, but emphasize Nancy J. Cohen’s original creations (along with recipes from friends and family), designed for busy cooks who may not be out solving crimes, but whose time is equally challenged.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Mysteries and cookbooks belong side by side on readers’ shelves. After untimely death unleashes chaos in fiction, recipe rituals, meal routines, and dining etiquette offer a semblance of civility to restore balance. A Bad Hair Day Cookbook serves up both food and justice.” Christine A. Jackson, Ph.D., Author of Myth and Ritual in Women’s Detective Fiction

PRE-ORDER NOW! Watch for the Print Edition coming soon to add to your Holiday Gift Bags.

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