Starlight Child – New Print Edition

I am excited to announce the new trade paperback release of Starlight Child, #3 in The Light-Year Series. This title was previously published by Dorchester and has been revised with added bonus materials. It is also available in digital formats. If you’re a fan of enemies-to-lovers sci-fi romance with a paranormal twist, this is the book for you. Add in a mystery or two, and you’re in for a suspenseful ride.

Copyright ©1995 by Nancy J. Cohen
Published by Orange Grove Press
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-08-9
Print ISBN:  978-1-952886-31-7
Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.
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Cultural specialist Mara Hendricks and Commander Deke Sage meet on a mission that takes them across the stars and into each other’s arms in this suspenseful science fiction romance. 

Psychic Mara Hendricks joins the rescue team after aliens from Yanura kidnap her best friend’s infant daughter. Not only will her special ability aid in tracking the baby’s location, but she’s also familiar with the Yanurans through her work for the government. She runs into a snag when the arrogant mission leader accuses her of being too trusting, but she believes the Yanurans might have been set up to take the blame.

Commander Deke Sage knows the aliens are hiding more than the missing child. There’s something fishy regarding their claims about an age-preserving drug made from seaweed, and he’s been ordered to investigate. Mara is too naïve to see the truth but too captivating for him to ignore. As their mission progresses, they realize there’s a bigger conspiracy than either of them suspected. They’ll both have to open their hearts and their minds to save the missing child.

“Captivating and wonderful!” Bestselling Author Janelle Taylor

“The passion between these characters is ‘out of this world.’ If you enjoy a little science fiction, a little fantasy and a lot of romance, this book is a definite read.” The Literary Times

“A futuristic romance both sensual and adventurous, Starlight Child is a captivating story of life and love in the vastness of space.” The Paperback Forum

“The characters and the unusual settings stun the senses. The action is explosive and stimulating; the passion is torrid and sensual. Though the books in this trilogy can stand alone, I recommend you read them all.” Rendezvous


Deke jumped back, abruptly releasing her. “What did you do? You tried to read my mind.”

Mara froze, at a loss for words. She had no excuse for her behavior. “No, I can’t read thoughts. I can only sense emotions, even when I’m in someone else’s viewpoint. I… I’m not sure what happened, but you appear to have triggered a separation.”

He stared at her, horrified. “What do you mean?”

Agitated, she brushed her hair off her face. “When I was younger, this sort of thing happened all the time. I had difficulty controlling my ability. But never in my adulthood have I experienced anything similar, not even with Pietor.” Her heart sank at the incredulous look on his face.

“Who in Zor is Pietor?”

“My former fiancé. His parents didn’t approve of me. Instead of coming to my defense, he agreed with them and… and said hurtful things about my gift.”

Deke glowered at her. “I can understand why.”

Cultural specialist Mara Hendricks and Commander Deke Sage meet on a mission to rescue a kidnapped child in a voyage that takes them across the galaxy in this enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance. Click To Tweet


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