Moonlight Rhapsody – New Print Edition

I am excited to announce a new trade paperback edition of Moonlight Rhapsody, #2 in The Light-Year Series. This title was previously published by Dorchester and has been revised with added bonus materials. It’s also available in e-book format.

Moonlight Rhapsody


Published by Orange Grove Press
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-07-2
Print ISBN: 978-1-952886-30-0
Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.
Interior Design by

Disguised as a trader, Lord Rolf Cam’brii travels to the slave planet Souk on a secret mission to establish contact with the resistance. But when his ship crashes during an ion storm, he’s captured and thrown into a forced labor camp. Here he catches the eye of the beautiful female overseer, Ilyssa.

Ilyssa possesses the gift of siren song with the power to drive men mad, but no one realizes she’s a prisoner, too. Her parents are being held hostage by an overlord who uses her to control his enemies. Until Rolf’s arrival, she’s had no hope of escape. But now with his help, she could rescue her parents and leave the planet, if she can convince him to trust her.

Although Rolf doubts Ilyssa’s story, he accepts her proposal. They flee the labor camp and embark on a dangerous cross-country journey to freedom. Along the way, their attraction to each other grows. However, Ilyssa’s gift comes with a price, and to succumb to passion means losing her gift of song. Dare she risk everything for love?


“A well-conceived plot, great characters, enough future technology and aliens to satisfy the dedicated science fiction fan, and a sensual romance all come together in a terrific story that will appeal to romance and science fiction readers alike.” The Paperback Forum

“An enchanting blend of futuristic romance and fantasy that lends itself to a totally immersive read.” Muddy Rose Reviews

“Scintillating and heart-stopping! Ms. Cohen has proven herself a master of this genre.” Rendezvous

“Nancy Cohen provides her readers with a swift-moving, thrilling futuristic romance. This tale, which could be sold as either a romance or a science fiction, will provide readers of either genre with a confectionary treat too sweet to resist.” The Talisman

“Nancy Cohen has a visionary gift of writing about the future in a manner that makes it seem like it’s happening today.” Affaire de Coeur


“Look at me,” Ilyssa commanded. When he’d raised his face, she said in a purposefully loud voice, “I have brought you here to act as my personal server.” 

Surprise sprang into his crystal blue eyes, but he stayed silent as she continued. 

“I’ll expect you to assist me with my meals, keep my chamber clean, maintain my wardrobe, and satisfy any other needs of mine that may arise. Hopefully, in time, you will grow to anticipate my requirements. You’ll sleep in the adjacent parlor. That way, you’ll be close at hand if I want you during the night.” 

“Pardon, mistress, but I’m not exactly clear on my duties,” he said in a soft tone. “You wish me to maintain your suite and serve your meals, but what else am I to do?” 

“My name is Ilyssa. You may call me that in private.” 

As she rattled off a list of chores, Rolf listened carefully, but it was the unspoken duties that worried him. She’d said she might want him during the night. That meant only one thing as far as he was concerned. She expected him to service her personally. Rolf wondered if he would be able to perform under forced circumstances. 

Studying her physical attributes, he decided it wouldn’t be too difficult. Soft waves of auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders. Tiny wisps framed a face with features so perfect they might have been chiseled from porcelain. Her eyes were a remarkable shade of green flecked with gold. His gaze drew to her lips, perfectly contoured for a man’s kisses. She was lovely, but with the beauty of an ice queen. It didn’t extend to her heart.


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Coming Next in Print: Starlight Child, #3 in the Light-Years Series on July 11, 2023

Warrior Prince Reissue

I am excited to announce the reissue of Warrior Prince, Book One in the Drift Lords Series. Inspiration for this story came from the Maelstrom ride at Disney’s Epcot theme park. The tale begins in Orlando and involves sinister theme parks, ancient prophecies, and Norse myths. “Star Wars” meets “Lord of the Rings” in this action-packed fantasy paranormal romance novel.

Warrior Prince

Book One in The Drift Lords Series
Copyright © 2012 by Nancy J. Cohen
Published by Orange Grove Press
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-13-3
Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.

When mythologist and Florida resident Nira Larsen accepts a job as tour guide for a mysterious stranger, she’s drawn into a nightmare reality where ancient myths come alive and legendary evils seek to destroy her. To survive, she must awaken her dormant powers, but the only person who can help is the man whose touch inflames her passion.

After a dimensional rift in the Bermuda Triangle cracks open and an ancient enemy invades Earth, Zohar—leader of the Drift Lords—gathers his troops to defend the planet. He doesn’t count on a feisty redhead getting in his way and capturing his heart. Nira has the power to defeat the enemy but also to enslave Zohar’s soul. Can he trust her not to betray him?

Warrior Prince was previously published by The Wild Rose Press. This Author’s Edition has been updated with added bonus materials.

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Zohar followed her into the living room. “We have the data crystals…crystal to examine, and the shipping address in Windermere to investigate.”

“What about looking for that island?” She spun to face him. “Send Borius to get a reading of those carvings when you find the place. If he’s got a phase gun, those natives won’t be a threat. And while you’re at it, check the other ley lines for signs of Trollek activity.”

“We cannot do so with the jamming device activated.” Zohar glanced at a lizard scurrying along the air-conditioning unit by the window.

She followed his line of vision. The creature skittered away into a crack. “You don’t need to scan for cors particles. If the Trolleks put Drift World near the Bermuda Triangle, maybe they have gateways near other Vile Vortices. See if you can locate a place where lots of people go, like a casino or another theme park. Maybe that’s where they’ve hidden the jammer.”

“Good idea.” Zohar beamed at her. “I’ll have Paz use the ship’s sensors to scan those regions.”

“Meanwhile, I have my own things to do. Let’s meet back here later to exchange reports.”

“You cannot go alone. I will accompany you.”

“Not this time. I have your diamond ring. If I need help, I’ll use it.”

She considered how little the ring meant to him. Did lovers give such tokens to each other on his world? Had Zohar ever wanted a woman so much that he’d pledged himself to her?

Realizing how little she knew of his background didn’t make her any happier. It only widened the gap between them and brought home the fact that he’d leave her someday.

Zohar regarded her with a stern expression. “Promise you will summon me should you gain news of Grace. You are not to attempt a rescue on your own, understand?”

“Yes, sir. Or should I say, rageesh. What does that mean anyway?”

Yaron sauntered inside. “It means our captain is—”

“Their commanding officer,” Zohar finished, giving him a warning glare.

Despite all she had done for him, Zohar still didn’t trust her. So be it. She’d search for Grace while he pursued his mission. And once it was done, he’d leave and she’d never see him again.

Good riddance. The man disrupted her life, distracted her from her goals, and played havoc with her hormones.

As the men huddled to discuss their plans, she slung her purse strap over her shoulder and headed for the front door. 


“The author weaves scifi and ancient Norse mythology in this sexy tale of danger and love.” Alyssa Maxwell, author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries and A Lady and Lady’s Maid mystery series

“I’m a huge fan of Nancy Cohen’s Bad Hair Day Mysteries and was thrilled to discover her latest book, a terrific mix of science fiction, mystery, and sizzling romance.” Mary Kennedy, Author of the Talk Radio Mysteries.

“Nancy Cohen’s new Drift Lord series is terrific. The world building as she meshes contemporary times with other planets and mythology is outstanding.” Traci Hall, bestselling author of the Scottish Shire Mysteries and the By the Sea romance series

“Cohen’s Drift Lord series weaves science fiction, fantasy, and ancient Norse mythology into a sexy tapestry of action, adventure, and love. A fun read.” Muddy Rose Reviews

“For a funny bone tingling non-stop action and adventure scifi thriller with a swirl of romance, Nancy J. Cohen’s Drift Lords series is one you won’t want to pass up.” Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK!

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