Booksigning at an Indie

June 8, 2012

We’ve all had booksignings where no one shows up. So it was a fabulous surprise last weekend as I approached in Altamonte Springs, FL to see a row of readers lined up to enter the store! My jaw nearly dropped off my face. When had I ever last seen such enthusiasm, and for the dying breed of dead tree books, no less?

The staff welcomed all the eleven or so authors participating in the signing with our tables all set up, books laid out in front of our spots, and even a little gift package for each of us. They had fruit punch and water bottles and cake with our book covers. You have to understand…it’s rare to get a reception like this so I appreciated it all the more. Independent bookstores should be cherished while they still exist. Nowhere else can you find such a variety of choices to peruse in person.


Readers crowded the store but I relished the crush. They snatched up armfuls of books to take to the cash register. People came up to me who didn’t know my work and asked me about my books. Usually our brief dialogue convinced them to try either one of my romances or my mysteries. For two hours, we smiled, chatted, signed books, and had a great time. Many thanks to the store proprietors for sponsoring this popular event and for keeping readers enthralled with print books in this digital age. Of course my hardcovers didn’t sell as well as my paperbacks but that’s always the case. I hope that, down the road, I’ll be able to offer Shear Murder in other formats to my readers. Meanwhile, if you’re in the area, drop by this indie bookstore, browse the shelves of new and used books, and give them your wholehearted support.




Later that evening, I relaxed at the Elephant Bar with my family. I had a Mai Tai and shrimp with noodles. It was a relaxing end to an exciting day.

Shrimp Noodles


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0 thoughts on “Booksigning at an Indie

  1. Nancy,
    Sounds and looks (great pics !) like a fabulous event. What a wonderful bookstore owner. Wish you and her the very best 🙂

  2. Love it! Especially the relaxing with family at the Elephant Room later. Well, the pictures of the food, anyway. I did love that you had so many authors and such a great welcome and new readers. I can understand the buying of paperbacks. I’m not sure why, but I prefer to read cozies in paperback, by the pool, with a Margarita (your Mai Tai would have been perfect!). Something about old friends and back doors. Still, i do buy hardbacks when I buy thrillers from my favorite thriller authors – usually so I can get them as soon as they come out. I start usually with library copies and read all they have, then I start scouring for all the others that are out and get them in paperback, and then I start buying hardbacks of what is to-be-released. Then again, my dollars are really tight, I spend more than I should, and read more than the average-bear (tho not writer, I’m sure.) I suppose if I were to finish and then sell my own book, then I could afford more, lol. But can’t put the cart before the horse or count my chickens before they’re hatched. I do so enjoy your posts, tho, Nancy.

    1. Thanks, Di. I just bought a hardcover of a new release that interested me. Can’t even remember where I first read about it, but the book is not available in paperback.

  3. Congratulations, Nancy. Your experience is so inspiring to the rest of us authors. Love that you celebrated with a mai tai afterward.
    Best, Madeline

  4. I am SO happy you had a great signing. I LOVE independent book stores and try to give them my business whenever possible. Unfortunately they are getting harder and harder to find. . . but that is another rant for another day! I am beyond thrilled that you had such a lovely time, you deserve it!