Celebrity Equinox – The Food, Part 2

November 30, 2016

Day Three found us at Murano, one of the specialty restaurants aboard the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship. We had exquisite service in elegant surroundings. Our meal began with a complimentary fried scallop. Next I had a crab and smoked salmon parfait with salmon caviar. We chose Chateaubriand for two which the waiter carved tableside. It came with fingerling potatoes and asparagus. For dessert, I had the chocolate soufflé.

P1050751 P1050749 P1050750

P1050754 P1050757 P1050758

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On another day, we attended the complimentary wine tasting for Elite members that came with four glasses and breadsticks. The complimentary tea party had waiters circulating with a selection of open sandwiches with smoked salmon, shrimp, egg salad, and ham. Then desserts followed. After the rum cake, I couldn’t even eat a scone.



And so ended our journey, with us boarding as passengers and rolling off as cargo. With the holidays upon us, it’ll be a while before I lose these extra pounds. And then we’re likely to be on board our next cruise and starting all over again.

P1050918 P1060018

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Coming Next: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica


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0 thoughts on “Celebrity Equinox – The Food, Part 2

  1. Hi Nancy, I have to say, if I food tested as many different venues and ships as you do I’d be as big as a house. I do eat out with friends every month of so though. We visit a different restaurant each time and keep a list of the ones we’d love to revisit.

    1. It’s fun to keep track and makes a special memory years later. I can’t believe all the places where my husband and I ate when we were dating. Most of them are gone by now.

  2. Enjoying all the comments to go with the great pictures, especially the comparisons to other ships you have been on. A cruise is something we haven’t experienced yet.