Epcot Garden Festival

May 3, 2013

April is a good month to visit Disney World. Other than April showers, mornings tend to be cool and daytimes in the eighties. This year at the Flower & Garden show was the first time Epcot had food booths around World Showcase. We merrily ate our way around, starting at Mexico where our kids got tacos. Next we came to my favorite site, Norway. The Maelstrom ride inspired my paranormal Drift Lords series based on Norse mythology. Don’t miss the little museum that displays costumed figures while you are there.

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At the Chinese marketplace called Lotus House, I couldn’t resist the Spring Pancake with Grilled Chicken and Green Apples. It was a generous portion and very tasty! And next at Germany, I had to try the potato pancake. I’m already getting full.

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I passed by a few of the booths, while my husband got a noodle dish that reminded me of worms like a Klingon might eat, and then he tried the smoked beef brisket at the American pavilion. We detoured at France to see the newly remodeled pastry shop then zipped past the UK and Canada. I had to get the pineapple soft serve ice cream at the Dole booth. We just couldn’t sample everything we might have liked.

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Another day we took a brisk stroll around Downtown Disney to see what’s new. Pleasure Island is scheduled for renovation but nothing has been done yet. It’s always pleasant to walk through this area and people watch.

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My main purpose in visiting Orlando this time wasn’t to sightsee, however. I attended the Florida Library Association convention where I spoke along with authors Sandra Balzo, Patrick Kendrick, Ron Farrington Sharp, and Elaine Viets. MWA sponsored the breakfast, where we introduced ourselves and answered questions about our publishing careers.

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Later in the morning, we spoke on a panel about New Possibilities in Publishing, discussing how the digital revolution has affected each of us on a personal basis. Now we have more choices than ever before in terms of sales and distribution of our work. Members of the audience asked pertinent questions during the Q&A Session.

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0 thoughts on “Epcot Garden Festival

    1. Thanks, Mary. The scenery is always so lush and beautiful, not to mention well maintained. They must have an army of gardeners who come out at night.

  1. Absolutely delicious…I mean, BEAUTIFUL…pictures! I am going to have to make plans to go next year. A trip to San Diego to meet my brand new grandson interfered this time around, but you make it look so gorgeous, and so yummy, I’d really like to attend. I’d have loved to have been in your audience at the Q & A’s, too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time!

    1. We always go to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival too. That runs Sept-Nov. It requires at least two trips to sample all the dishes we’d like. And the landscaping is always beautiful, just not as many sculpted flower beds the rest of the year as during this Spring event.

      1. Taking notes on that, too, thanks. BTW, I downloaded Permed To Death last week, and it’s waiting for me in my Kindle To Be Read folder. I’m looking forward to it!