Circle of Light – New Print Edition

I am excited to offer a new trade paperback edition of Circle of Light, #1 in The Light-Year Series. This title was originally published by Dorchester and has been revised with added bonus materials. The idea came as a dream, and when I woke up, I realized I had to finish the story. Circle of Light was my first published book and winner of the HOLT Medallion Award. If you’re in the mood for an escapist read with adventure, mystery, and romance, this is the book for you.

Circle of Light

Published by Orange Grove Press
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-06-5
Print ISBN: 978-1-952886-29-4
Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.
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Attorney Sarina Bretton believes in facts, not fantasies of faraway planets. Then Captain Teir Reylock of the Coalition Defense League kidnaps her from Earth and whisks her to worlds she couldn’t have imagined. While she’s stunned at first, Sarina is even more astonished when Teir says he’s taking her to marry a member of the High Council. Through this union, she is destined to become the legendary Great Healer and save the galaxy from a devastating plague.

At the capital city of Bimordus Two, Sarina discovers the wonders of an advanced civilization. She also awakens to her passion for Teir, who is assigned as her personal bodyguard. He returns her regard, but he’s sworn to duty. He must protect Sarina from the Coalition’s enemies and from his own desire. If Sarina fails to fulfill the legend, the law decrees she’ll be executed. The only way they can be together is to unlock the legend’s secrets and expose the hidden truth.


“This action-packed novel will excite and satiate fans of science fiction and romance works alike. Nancy Cohen is a tremendous talent whose novel will remind readers of the Star Wars trilogy.” The Talisman

“Nancy J. Cohen is a writer whose amazing talent propels readers into a universe filled with strange new worlds, amazing technologies, and unusual species that would have made George Lucas sit up and take notice.” Affaire de Coeur

Circle of Light is a well-constructed futuristic romance that will appeal even to die-hard Star Trek and general science fiction readers. Great plot, believable aliens, and interesting locations.” The Paperback Trader

“Nancy Cohen sparks your imagination and melts your heart with her wonderful tale of galactic adventure and star-crossed lovers.” Marilyn Campbell, award-winning author of The Innerworld Affairs series

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Revisiting Earlier Books

I’m revising my very first published novel, Circle of Light. This title won the 1995 HOLT Medallion Award and blends my love of science fiction with romance. When I was a fledgling writer, it gave me great joy to let my imagination go wild and create this soaring fantasy. This story began a trilogy and was one of four books I did with Dorchester writing as Nancy Cane.
The story follows the hero’s journey in that first we see attorney Sarina Bretton in her natural habitat. She is kidnapped from Earth by Captain Teir Reylock of the Coalition Defense League. His mission is to deliver her to the alliance for her marriage to Lord Cam’brii, a stiff politician. Through this union, Sarina will become the Great Healer and save the galaxy from a devastating plague. Sarina, unhappy about being forced from her home, refuses to cooperate. But after an encounter with one of Teir’s enemies, she crosses the threshold and accepts the challenge. Along the way, she falls in love with Teir instead of the councilman she’s destined to wed.
Oh, what fun I had creating this tale! It brings me great pleasure to reread this story and make it even better. It’s amazing how much a writer’s skill advances over the years. Revising may be a tedious job, but it’s necessary to polish a book to perfection. I might be writing mysteries now, but these stories were my first love. They’ll be available to you again with new covers and bonus materials in my revised Author’s Editions.

Tropes: abduction by a hot alien, space travel, starship captain, political intrigue, betrayal, psychic ability, strong female lead, royalty, star-crossed romance, legends & prophecy, secret identity.

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