Warrior Lord – New Print Edition

Warrior Lord, #3 in the Drift Lords Series, is now available in a new trade paperback author’s edition. This title was previously published by The Wild Rose Press. A dream wedding in Las Vegas turns into a nightmare when contest winner Erika Sherwood realizes she’s married an alien.

Warrior Lord

Published by Orange Grove Press
Digital ISBN: 978-1-952886-15-7
Print ISBN: 978-1-952886-34-8
Cover Design by The Killion Group, Inc.
Interior Design by Formatting4u.com

Pottery sculptor Erika Sherwood accepts a challenge from a stranger at a Las Vegas casino. The man named Magnor proposes they pretend to be engaged to win a contest with a rich reward. It seems like a sweet deal, except for one point. The winners will be married in a televised segment right after the competition. In a moment of recklessness, Erika accepts Magnor’s proposal.

Much to their surprise, they win and are pushed into a whirlwind wedding on live TV. Once they’re alone, Magnor proclaims he’s a space warrior sent to Earth to stop an alien invasion. He’s searching for a powerful weapon, and he needs Erika’s legendary powers to help locate it.

When they’re attacked by alien soldiers, Erika realizes he’s telling the truth. They’re sucked into a maelstrom of danger as they evade the enemy. But even more alarming are the growing feelings Erika has for her new husband. Once his mission succeeds, he’ll return to the stars. Can she convince him to stay and turn their marriage into a reality?


“A fun combination of action, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, mythology, and romance. I loved this book and cannot get enough Drift Lords.” WiLoveBooks

“Cohen’s third book in her Drift Lords series is an action-packed thrill ride from start to finish. She effortlessly blends fact with Norse mythology and fiction to create a fabulous tale, layered in detail and rich in texture.” Muddy Rose Reviews

Warrior Lord is a fast-paced science fiction tale with suspense and romance. A well-written book that kept me reading and guessing until the last page.” Reader Forever 

“Another great installment of Nancy Cohen’s series that combines sci-fi romance, action/adventure, and Norse mythology! Recommended for anyone who loves lots of action and sexy romance.” Alyssa Maxwell, author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries

Warrior Lord held me spellbound with this story of soul mates trying to save the world. If that is not enough for you, this book will have you at the edge of your seat. A great read.” Drue’s Random Chatter


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Cameras aimed at her, and a wedding march blasted from the speaker system. She resisted the urge to press a hand to her aching temples.

Magnor waited for her under the canopy where myriads of tiny lights twinkled. He looked proud and tall, an unreadable expression on his face as he watched her step forward. His cape swung behind him, making him look like an avenging god with his impressive height and sword.

She took her place at his side and together they faced Dennis. The official held an open book in his hands. Dennis began the brief ceremony, his words bypassing her brain as she stood rooted in place, immobilized by the rapid pace of events.

“With the power invested in me by the State of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Erika’s head whirled. Not even fifteen minutes must have gone by. Was this what passed for a Las Vegas wedding?

What a sham. She supposed that every minute they were on the air, it cost money.

Magnor’s head descended, and he pressed his mouth to hers. As far as the TV viewers were concerned, they’d been married. The exchange of rings had felt real. She wondered who’d given him the one he’d slid onto her finger. Dennis, most likely.

The ruddy-faced official shook their hands, gave Magnor the key to the honeymoon suite, and said their new car would be available for pickup from the valet. As for the cash prize, it was theirs for the taking. He handed them a large-sized signed check made out to Mr. and Mrs. Magnor.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Dennis said. “I’ll need your signatures on these documents, please. It’s simply a formality, but we do need permission for the resort to use your likenesses for publicity. These papers also include transfer of title to the car, tax forms and such.”

Erika signed with a shaky hand. In her frazzled state, she couldn’t be bothered to read the details.

Magnor followed suit, then grasped her hand in his and raised it in the air. The watching throng cheered loudly.

“That’s it then, wife.” His low, rumbly voice broke through the haze in her head. “You’re mine now.”

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