FWA Conference – Day 1

October 27, 2017

This was my first time attending the Florida Writers Association annual conference. The theme was “What A Character.” I didn’t attend the Thursday all-day workshop with bestselling author David Morrell, but I did hear him speak later on. Instead, I checked into the hotel and went to faculty orientation followed by a general welcome for conference attendees.
Friday morning, things began in earnest with a breakfast buffet at 7am. Scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, bagels and pastries were on the menu. We sat at genre tables to speak to other writers in our specific categories. Here I am with true crime author Carla Norton.
First on the agenda was my talk on “Writing the Cozy Mystery.”
I put away my laptop and attended Carla’s workshop on “True Crime – Stranger than Fiction.”
Then I wandered through the bookstore organized by Murder on the Beach and the silent auction rooms. Lunch was a bountiful buffet of Italian food.
IMG_0343 IMG_0342
At 2pm, I was on a panel titled “Dredging Up Your Dark Side” moderated by Ken Pelham. Also on this panel were Carla Norton, Doug Dandridge, Micki Browning, and Dan Alatorre.
Later that afternoon, I attended a panel on “Effective Book Marketing with POEM” by speaker Keith Ogorek.
That evening was a welcome reception with superhero-costumed characters. The picture with a foursome has Carla Norton, Ken Pelham, Vic DiGenti, and literary agent Mark Gottlieb.
A sit-down dinner was followed by a keynote address from bestselling author Steve Berry.
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7 thoughts on “FWA Conference – Day 1

      1. December posts will be an overview of conferences and how to chose: one-size-fits-all; small vs large; specialized vs general; readers/fan-based conferences vs. craft events. Also, genre-related is pretty broad. For instance, I write mysteries but wouldn’t attend a conference that specialized in cozys as I write police procedurals. This is what my posters will be discussing. I gave you all this info in case you had a comment that related to any of the above. I’m thinking about extending this topic into January. If so, would you be interested in a post?

          1. Nope, never been to Sleuthfest. So far, I’ve stayed on the West Coast (and Las Vegas), but the 2018 Sleuthfest program has someof my favorite authors-PJ Parrish, Katherine Ramsland, wow! As it stands now, I’m going to a day long conference in Santa Rosa (the part that didn’t burn down…) in April and Public Safety Writers Conference in July in Las Vegas.

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