Coco Cay

December 23, 2016

The water in the Bahamas is a beautiful aqua, and I might have been tempted to go in except it was very windy when we tendered to Coco Cay on the third day of our cruise. RCCL’s private island is an oasis with native shops, a nature trail, small coves for snorkeling, and numerous beaches with lounge chairs already laid out.

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We enjoyed the beach barbecue with chicken, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and accompaniments. Somehow this food tastes better outside and when someone else cooks it.


I savor these private island stops both for the relaxation and the food. And don’t forget to order a Bahama Mama. You can’t visit these islands without drinking at least one. Or a Coco Loco, which they offered at Coco Cay. As the drink vendors said, “If you’re hot, see what I’ve got.”

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We lazed around until we’d had enough sun and then caught the tender back to the ship.


At night, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with a champagne toast. And so ended our latest cruise.


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  1. Alexis, here’s my recipe:

    2 cups long grain rice
    1 can (13-1/2 oz.) coconut milk
    1 can (15-1/2 oz.) Goya dry pigeon peas (look in the canned vegetable section near beans)
    1 cup chopped green onion
    2 Tbsp. butter or margarine

    Combine coconut milk, juice from peas, and water to make 4 cups of liquid. Cook the rice as directed on the package. When the liquid is absorbed, mix in green onions, pigeon peas, and butter. Add salt to taste. Serves 8.